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Gu Xijiu stopped by the sh.o.r.e for a second and sighed. With some hesitation, she decided to jump into the water and swam towards the red strap.

Gu Xijiu's hesitation was not toward saving Di Fuyi, but instead, it was because of her injury. She did not have much energy, and she would put herself in danger by jumping into the freezing water!

Gu Xijiu's figured that she must have lost her mind as she jumped into the ice-cold water in the middle of the night just to verify if the strap had anything to do with the man who wore it! She did not even know if Di Fuyi was there. Fortunately, she was good at swimming, and she managed to get to the waterfalls in a very brief time.

Finally, she got to see the red strap.

Her heart skipped a beat!

It was a piece of cloth from a top that belonged to Di Fuyi! The fabric was here, but where was his body?! She quickly swam over and tugged the strap. Shockingly, a man was pulled up from the water!

The suspense could have pumped Gu Xijiu's heart out of her chest!

The mighty Celestial Master Zuo had drowned! His body was thoroughly soaked, and his eyes and lips were tightly closed. She was not sure whether he was still alive.

Gu Xijiu panicked and quickly took off his mask so that she could check on him. Celestial Master Zuo's face was pale, and so were his lips. He did not look like he was breathing as his chest was stationary. Oh, sh*t! He was not breathing!?!? Was he dead!?

Gu Xijiu quickly checked his nose, and he was not breathing! She checked his pulse on his wrists, and then the pulse on his neck...

There was no pulse on the wrists and his neck, and he was not breathing. His pupils were... The moonlight was too dim and she could not see anything. She touched his limbs; they were ice-cold.

Gosh! Based on those conditions, he was definitely dead! Fortunately, his body had yet to harden.

How could the mighty Celestial Master Zuo die from drowning in the pond? Gu Xijiu felt it was unbelievable. She decided to pull him out from the pond and seek help. However, she was injured and could not use much of her spiritual power. The only way was for her to use her physical strength, and there was probably very little left in her body after the severe injuries.

Luckily, she had no idea and managed to pull him up to the sh.o.r.e in a short time. Her legs were numb when she got onto the sh.o.r.e, and she nearly fell onto his body.

She quickly got up and started to perform CPR...

"Come on, Di Fuyi! Wake up!"

"Hey, you're a mighty man! It would be a complete joke if you died from drowning!"

"Come on, open your eyes! What kind of Kung Fu are you practicing? Hey, don't sleep anymore, wake up!"

Nothing changed.

Gu Xijiu was very familiar with CPR. She kept calling him while pumping his chest and breathing air into his lungs. She also checked his stomach, and it did not look like he had drunk a lot of water. Even his nose and mouth did not show any sign of choking. Sadly, all her efforts were in vain.

Gu Xijiu was seriously stunned this time! Although she hated him, she did not hope for him to die! She decided to perform CPR with her mouth this time. His lips were cold but gentle. Strangely, his odor was even stronger than usual as the surroundings were occupied with the fragrance. The fragrance was really pleasant and it could make people captivated by it.

Gu Xijiu's heart was pounding, and it was not because of the fragrance. She was scared and anxious! All her thoughts focused on finding a way to save him. She kept blowing air into his mouth and lost count of how many times she had been going. It was undoubtedly more than a hundred times now, and she began to feel dizzy. There was still no response from the mighty man and it seemed as though he was dead.

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