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Despite not wanting to meet Di Fuyi, since he was here, it was better for Long Siye to greet him. Thus he smiled, "We didn't know you would be here. Sorry for the interruption."

Di Fuyi was still lying in the water and did not move. He was leaning on a blue stone in the pond, and he looked at them lazily without saying anything.

Long Siye did not want to have much interaction with him, "Celestial Master Zuo, enjoy yourself. We will not disturb." He pulled Gu Xijiu and left.

Only the sound of water could be heard from behind them. Di Fuyi remained silent as though he was a statue.

"Xijiu, let's take a walk somewhere. I know of a place with blooming flowers..." Long Siye seemed to be impatient to go back in time and spend every single second with her.

Gu Xijiu was moody and shook her head: "I'm a bit tired." Her physique was weak now, and she was having trouble walking.

Although Long Siye felt a little bit disappointed, he understood her situation. "Alright! You go back and rest."

Gu Xijiu lied on the bed and felt her back was a little painful. The wounds were also itchy, and it felt as though a handful of ants were biting her.

She frowned as she recalled the advice Di Fuyi had given her. He asked her to rest on the bed for two days, but she only rested for one. She probably walked too much in the afternoon and felt exhausted. However, she could not even sleep when she was lying down on the bed. This made her think a lot, and people with insomnia tended to think about nonsense. She thought about the future, and it seemed to be a bright one.

She entered Ziyun cla.s.s with her capabilities and learned more useful knowledge in her lessons. She and Long Siye had also resolved their differences and misunderstandings. They could still be good friends. Moreover, Long Siye would be the a.s.signed teacher of the top Ziyun cla.s.s for half a year; there would be many opportunities for her to see him.

In her previous life, he was her trainer. And now, he is her teacher. While she was still pondering about the exciting possibilities for the future, Little Fox suddenly came in to see her as she delivered food and medicine to Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu looked at the medicine after finishing her meal; it was still the seventh-grade Muscle Rejuvenation Pill. The medicine looked greenish under the candlelight.

She casually asked, "Did Overlord Long ask you to bring this over?"

Lan Waihu stopped and replied, "Yup."

Gu Xijiu put down the pill she was observing and looked at her, "Little Fox, I don't like to be fooled, even if it's with good intention!"

Lan Waihu was shocked and looked at Gu Xijiu pitifully "Xijiu ..."

"Yes, be honest." Gu Xijiu patted her head.

Little Fox was not good at lying. Hence, she told the truth: "Messenger Mu Feng pa.s.sed it to me. He was afraid you would not accept the medicine, so he asked me to use Overlord Long's name. Xijiu, is there something wrong with the medicine?"

Of course not. It was amazing.

Lan Waihu had come over with her pillow last night and insisted on staying here as Gu Xijiu's companion. Gu Xijiu could not manage to chase her out, so she let her stay over.

Gu Xijiu was bothered by something; she could not seem to fall asleep. She looked at Lan Waihu; the little girl must have trained too hard during the day as she was already sleeping soundly.

Gu Xijiu could not help but smile. She put on her clothes and then walked out the room. The Moon was high up in the sky, and the night was ice-cold.

Gu Xijiu played with the pill in her hand and decided to send it back to the owner after a short ponder. She had no relationship with him anymore. If the Snow Fruit was a reward, then it was acceptable. But what about the seventh-grade Muscle Rejuvenation Pill?

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