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Although they had agreed not to judge regardless of being alive or dead, they should try their best. It was just a friendly match between the peers and it would be best if they could avoid hurting each other. However, as Yun Qingluo did it intentionally without any sympathy, she would have killed Little Fox if the sword had poked deep enough into her left chest...

Yan Chen also saw it clearly. His face was pale as well as he could not manage to prevent it. At the moment, he had arrived by Lan Waihu's side. Apparently, the little girl was over frightened as her body was trembling and her eyes showed no response.

"It's okay, it's okay." Yan Chen tapped her shoulder and tried to comfort her.

Lan Waihu immediately burst into tears and cried in his arms. Yan Chen's body was stiff as that was the first time Little Fox rushed into his arms publicly. After a short while, he slowly hugged her and lightly patted her back.

However, he stared at Yun Qingluo with a cold gaze...

Initially, he always thought Yun Qingluo was a rational person even though her characteristics were not very friendly. She used to be lovely as she was very courteous to the teachers and her peers. However, he could not believe she chose to be an evil person just to win a game!

Indeed, he was not supposed to judge a book by its cover...

Gu Canmo was extremely disappointed as he gave Yun Qingluo an icy glare. As he saw her lying on the ground and could not move, he casually asked a physician to check on her before he left.

Inside a quiet room, Gu Xijiu was half sitting and leaning on the bed. The pain caused her face to turn even paler than before and her sweat glands were as active as the geyser.

It was not the first time she got stabbed by the weapon, but it was not as painful as this! If there was a measure to determine the pain threshold, the pain she was experiencing now was much stronger than labor pain, it was extremely painful!

It was frustrating and the worst part would be that the sword was still in her body. Even a very small move would cause her to suffer a chronic pain as though she was stung by the scorpion. Therefore, she could not lean her back on anything as a form of support but the pain did not allow her to sit still, too...

And the man who was hugging her made her feel even uncomfortable!

If it was possible, she did not even want to touch the edge of his robe!

Although her entire body was numb due to the pain, she still wanted to push him away, "Celestial Master Zuo, it isn't appropriate for a man and woman to have physical contact, let me go!"

She was severely injured but could still struggle vigorously...

The more she struggled, the more blood gushed out from her wounds and it flew down to the bed sheet, along with his purple robe.

Di Fuyi did not dare to apply too much force to her, but he could not seal her acupoint as well...

He could only try to coax her, "Gu Xijiu, I'm here to help you. Good girl, let me check your wounds."

"Long Siye can help me, let him… let him come in…"

Gu Xijiu bit her teeth. Given that she was in so much pain, she could still hear the noise coming from outside as Long Siye was knocking on the door and shouting.

"Uhh, he is not a man? So, it's appropriate for you and him to have physical contact?!" Di Fuyi was very upset but his eyes were still staring at the sword on her body. It was easy to see the sword properly as the blade has penetrated out from her back.

It was a unique sword and the blade was branching out with numerous tiny hooks on the branches. The body of the blade was not smooth but serrated in shape. If it was being forcefully pulled out from the body, he believed it could possibly pull out a big piece of flesh which could be another severe injury to the body...

Di Fuyi clenched his fingers as he knew it was not a normal sword but a cursed sword! Whoever got cut by the sword would feel the chronic pain and lose his battling spirit. It was not poisonous but it was scarier than any poison as it could absorb spiritual power and remove it from the victim...

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