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The temperature of the surroundings rose. As the wind blew, she could smell a faint scent slowly approaching her.

She was intuitively cautious of the danger that was approaching, but it was too late for her to react. She then found her lips sealed with a hot kiss.

She was taken by great surprise and an intense anguish. She then raised her arms to push him away, but she was as weak as a cat. He put his weight on her, so she could hardly make any difference. Instead, he grabbed her hands and secured them at the top of her head.

The kiss was intense. It was different from his usual self, as though a ma.s.sive storm had just enveloped the lands. He was like a wolf that had just been released.

He was brutal and absolute, like a king.

His tongue easily invaded her clenched teeth and their lips intertwined. She could not avoid it, as his tongue was intense and yet skillful, so she could not help but to twist hers along with his.

She could not tell if she was angry or anxious. She wanted to bite him, but his kisses were too skillful. She could barely wound him.

Instead, he kissed her hard, even harder. Her lips and the tip of her tongue had been entirely conquered.

He took control of her body, as he placed one hand on her waist and pulled her in tightly, as though he was about to merge their bodies into one.

There was a faint scent in the air. Gu Xijiu could not catch her breath and was a little lightheaded. Finally, she stopped struggling.

A few moments later, he finally let go of her lips, but he still held her tight.

Fortunately, he did not touch her wounds while clenching both her hands. The wounds were not affected at all.

Gu Xijiu was still blindfolded. She could not see his expression, but she knew that he was still really close. She could feel his eyes overlooking her.

It was a rather awkward position. Gu Xijiu was too taken by anguish and finally lashed out at him, "Di Fuyi, you have a problem!"

"Gu Xijiu, do not challenge my limits. I have countless ways to separate the two of you. I will either get you or kill him!" The tone of his voice was harsh. He then brushed across her lips with the tip of his finger, "You do know that I am not bound to any limitations in what I do. When you are incapable of making any changes, do not say that 'you are willing to' or 'you like it'. You are not yet qualified!"

He finally let go of her. It was the first time he was so harsh on her.

Gu Xijiu did not say anything back. Once freed, she started to rub her lips fiercely with her sleeve.

The room was rather quiet. Gu Xijiu kept rubbing her lips and finally stopped when her lips started bleeding. "Di Fuyi, I will be qualified someday!" She said scornfully.

"I will wait and see!" Di Fuyi answered.

The room returned to its usual silence. Gu Xijiu gasped for a little air and took off the blindfold. She realized that she was alone in the room and Di Fuyi was already gone.

She took a closer look at the black cloth. Just now, she could not take it off no matter how she tried, as though it had caught up with her eyes. Moreover, there was a complete darkness when she was blindfolded. She could not even see the slightest of light.

The black cloth seemed to have caught a little of his scent. Frustrated, she threw it on the floor.

The room was serene. There was an aroma lamp flaming in the corner of the room.

She closed her eyes briefly. His scent still lingered in the room. She was triggered by an unspoken anguish in her heart.

The doors were suddenly pushed open. Gu Xijiu awoke to find Lan Waihu approaching her with stealthy footsteps.

Their eyes met. She saw Gu Xijiu's clear eyes and took a look at the entirely blood-stained clothes below her. She then let out a loud cry, "Xijiu…"

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