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Perhaps she had been antic.i.p.ating it for too long, so she eventually got tired of it. She did not find any joy when her dream finally came true.

Was it because there was a change in her heart, or was it because she no longer trusted him?

Gu Xijiu was not someone who liked to do things sloppily and hesitantly. She preferred a swift and ruthless decision.

If he were heartless, she would let him go. Once she made him go, there would be no turning back.

It was her att.i.tude of love and principle in life.

She thought that it was impossible for her to be with Long Siye anymore. He had once been unworthy of her love. No matter what he did to make it up to her, he would never be able to fix the scars that he had left in her heart.

However, what they had was, in fact, a tremendous misunderstanding. Long Siye had made a big choice during the event when Gi Xijiu was young, thus letting her down. Even though the things that he did were a little irrelevant, everything he did he did it for her.

Could she turn back?

After all, in life, it was hard for two people to fall in love.

Logically, she knew that she should forgive him and reunite with him again. However, she really could not let it go from her emotional aspect. She could not handle falling into the same situation again.

Back then, Long Xi made her feel warm. Now, Long Siye managed to give her a sense of warmth, as well. When she was with him, sometimes she could feel the slow and steady flow in time.

Perhaps, she decided to cling to the good old times.

"Shall we go and release the river lanterns?" Long Siye suggested.

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "I am afraid not."

It was normal for couples to release the lanterns together. However, G and Long Siye were not in a relationship, at least for now.

"Don't worry; we are just going to release a Victory Lantern, not Lover Lantern." Long Siye dragged her off without further ado, "Aren't you going to battle tomorrow? We should try our luck! and wish you all the best!"

Long Siye was right. It was not just lanterns for the couple on the river; there were all sorts of lanterns.

Some wished to be successful in government examinations, some hoped for their parents' well being. Certainly, lovers' lanterns were the majority, wishing for a lifetime of love together. The variety was diverse, as the colorful lanterns floated around the river carrying different wishes from the people. They looked like stars from afar.

Gu Xijiu did not believe in this. If a lantern could make a dream come true, how busy would it be for the person who was in charge of the lanterns?

Intuitively, it reminded her of The Lord.

The Lord was almighty and invincible. The one who sold the lanterns said that as long as the prayers were sincere, The Lord would then hear the wishes in the lanterns and make the wishes come true.

She believed that every prayer was sincere, but how many of them could make The Lord notice them? He did not seem like the kind of person who would merely make anyone's wish come true.

She could not help shaking her head at the thought of his arrogant temperament. With such a character, it would already be a blessing if he did not make them go the extra length to realize their dreams. If he were not in a good mood and decided to pull a few pranks, their wishes would be doomed entirely.

She did not want to release the lanterns, but Long Siye did not stop persuading her. Gu Xijiu wrote one wish for the sake of fun. She then put it in the lantern that blessed for all wishes to come true and put it down on the surface of the water. She watched as it floated further and further away, slowly into the sea of lanterns.

Long Siye released a lantern as well, with all sincerity.

Gu Xijiu looked at him for a while. Finally, she could no longer hold it back, "I honestly feel that if you want to make any wishes, you should go and see The Lord instead. It would be much better than releasing a lantern into the river."

Lightly, Long Siye shook his head, "The Lord… is not for everyone to see. Furthermore, he is far too superior and does not involve in the trivial matters in life. After all these years, I still have not been able to speak with him for more than ten sentences."

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