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Di Fuyi was speechless.

He stopped talking and flicked his fingers outwards. The door was opened and Long Siye straightaway rushed into the room, "Xijiu…"

Gu Xijiu's eyes were sparkling - it was as though she saw her idol!

Thank G.o.d! Long Siye was finally here!

She immediately felt relieved and could not sit properly. She almost fell onto the floor but fortunately, Di Fuyi was able to catch her and slowly helped her to sit properly.

"Thank you." Gu Xijiu was still very courteous when it was necessary. She then held the bed pillar as a support to leave his arms again.

Long Siye saw the scene when he came in - Gu Xijiu was sitting and half-leaning on the bed which was full of blood. Di Fuyi was sitting beside her with one of his arms at her back as he was always ready to support her whenever she falls. He was wearing a mask, hence, they could not see his facial expression but only his tightly-closed lips which were usually turned upwards into a smile.

While Gu Xijiu's face was as pale as a blank piece of paper, her eyes were shining as she saw him came in. She looked at him with hope.

The weakest moment for humans is when they are sick. Naturally, it was her weakest moment when she needed someone who she trusted the most to stay by her side...

Although Long Xi had betrayed her before and she had lost trust in him. However, the misunderstanding had finally been resolved and he had regained half of the trust from Gu Xijiu. Apparently, she trusted Long Siye more than Di Fuyi if she had to choose one.

She did trust Di Fuyi before, but what happened lately had thoroughly chipped off any form of trust she had towards him...

Long Siye found that it was too late to scold Di Fuyi. After all, Celestial Master Zuo was more powerful and stronger than he was. It was a small matter if they were to fight, but he was worried it might delay Gu Xijiu's treatment.

Gu Xijiu felt very much relieved since Long Siye came in, she turned around and looked at Di Fuyi, "Celestial Master Zuo, anyhow, I have to thank you for offering me your hands. I think… I'll be fine since Overlord Long is here, would you mind making a move first? I think Yun… Yun Qingluo needs your help too."

Her gaze was sincere and she said it sincerely as well! Di Fuyi was stunned and looked at her, "You want me to check on her?" His voice was hoa.r.s.e as though he was hiding a certain emotion.

Gu Xijiu just wanted him to leave and she totally did not notice his emotion, Thus, she nodded, "Yes. Although she was the one who attacked us in the first place, you should stay with her now since you're here…"

If she was Yun Qingluo and he was her lover, she definitely wanted him to stay with her...

Di Fuyi continued looking at her for a moment, "What…What if I want to stay with you?"

Gu Xijiu was shocked. She did not know what to say.

Di Fuyi moved his gaze away and urged Long Siye, "What are you doing there? Do you have any idea how to get rid of this sword?"

When Long Siye came in, he already paid quite a lot of attention on the branched sword which was still in Gu Xijiu's body. He recognized it after a quick look and got terrified, "The Black Curse Hooker Sword! What an evil girl!"

After all, Gu Xijiu was still new to this world and she did not know what exactly the weapon was. However, she knew something was wrong based on Long Siye's facial expression. She quickly asked the Firmament Stone, "Little Cang, what is this thing?"

Firmament Stone was indeed a knowledgeable gem, "The sword was not made from gold or iron, either. It was formed by using a curse and special materials."

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