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However, he understood that no matter how brightly the other stars shined, they were merely orbiting it. Sooner or later, it would outshine the rest and emerge as the brightest one. It would eventually form its galaxy.

He looked and looked again at the brightest star in the middle. Its charm still prevailed over the other stars, brightening the entire sky.

However, who knew how long it was going to shine? How long can it support the world?

He stood up and gently fixed his sleeves. Nine colored gla.s.s lamps on the floor lighted up in order, forming into the shape of Nine Star Figure. He wore a white, long robe with his long hair down, holding a sword. He began the rituals in the formation of the gla.s.s lamps. Seven-colored light could be seen emerging faintly around his body and shined its way up the sky.

About two hours later, the brightest star became even brighter almost as bright as the sun.

As the saying went, the shine of moonlight would always dim the starlight.

In fact, it was not due to the decrease of the starlight's intensity; it was because of the brightness of the moon. Its dazzling light had covered up most of the little stars, so the people could barely see them anymore. Thus, they appeared to be very dim.

It was the same now. The intense brightness of the main star had obscured most of the stars in the night sky.

The newborn star was seemingly insignificant. Now that the main star had covered up its light, it had thus entirely disappeared.

The rituals were very physically draining. The moment when Huang Tu finished with the rituals, his face had turned pale white. He sat back down and took a sip of his drinks. Suddenly, he choked himself and could not help coughing. His condition became even worse.

"My Lord?" Messenger Chenge was showing his concern from the outside.

"What is the matter? Say it."

"Ugh, I am here to report to you that everything is normal in the Fengxing Kingdom, nothing is wrong." He halted a little. Then, he continued reporting, "Everything is normal in Tianju Hall as well, it is just that Miss Gu Xijiu…" He seemed to have lost in his words and stopped.

Softly, Huang Tu asked from the inside, "Has she been involved in great accidents?"

"Not at all! She is fine, and she went around everything in Tianju Hall smoothly…"

Huang Tu interrupted him, "I seem to have reminded you that you need not report to me the things that are of little importance about her unless it has something to do with her life and death. Is she experiencing a life-or-death situation?"

"No, she is fine!" Messenger Chenge explained quickly, "Today is Valentine's Day, so she has gone away from the mountains to have some fun. She has met up with Long Siye, and they have spent the entire evening together. They seem happy…" He said all the information hurriedly and heaved a sigh of relief after it was over. He finally told The Lord the things that he had been holding onto.

At the observatory, Huang Tu froze while he was pouring out the drinks with one hand. The drinks then continued to leak from the cup.

When he finally realized it, the portraits on the table were all soaked up in the drinks. The figures immediately became indistinct as the lines blurred out.

He frowned for a few moments. Then, he shattered the portraits as he asked, "Isn't Long Siye looking after Rong Che?"

"My Lord, there will be a grand battle in Tianju Hall tomorrow. It is a battle between Miss Gu's team against the team of Saint Yun. If Miss Gu wins the fight, she can then proceed to Ziyun cla.s.s, honorably. It will be a great fight, so Headmaster Gu is concerned for the safety of the students in the messy sword fight when both parties fail to control their strengths. Therefore, he sent a message to Long Siye inviting him to a.s.sume control tomorrow."

Messenger Chenge took a breath after he finishes with his words and observed the situation in the room. The Lord did not intend to interrupt him, so he gathered up his courage and continued, "Long Siye reported his leave to me this morning. He had also arranged suitable people to look after Rong Che when he was not around. There should not be any problem."

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