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Even if he were paralyzed, the people around him would definitely take very good care of him.

Why did he need to take Yun Qingluo with him?

Celestial Master Zuo had always been unpredictable in the things that he did, so that was a question without an absolute answer.

Gu Xijiu had also dismissed the idea of visiting him as she still had her own life to live. She had to study, fight, strategize, and occasionally perform some alchemy. Half a month ago, those days were her easy days. But today, things have changed.

Yun Qingluo made her way back. She had been gone for more than a month, and now she was finally back. Celestial Master Zuo had sent her back.

Gu Xijiu had a feeling that she must have been doomed to be entangled with both of them. They were not fond of each other, but they kept b.u.mping into one another.

It was a sunny day when Yun Qingluo came back. Gu Xijiu saw a cool ship emerging from the sky when she came out of the training room, and the only one who could fly a ship in the sky was Di Fuyi.

The moment she saw that ship, she stopped. All the students stopped and stared in awe at the ship because it was too cool.

The ship traveled all the way to the main square and stopped dozens of meters above the ground. Yun Qingluo then flew to the ground like a G.o.ddess from the Ninth Heaven.

Yun Qingluo had always been beautiful, but she was even more beautiful that day. She was wearing a dress with translucent colors. It was as though a G.o.ddess had come alive from a painting when she buoyantly flew from the skies. Her beauty was overwhelming.

Normally, Yun Qingluo would avoid applying any cosmetics. She usually presented herself naturally without many accessories.

However, she had obviously dressed herself up that day. There was a light application of powder on her face and a faint red tint on her lips. Her skin was apparently fair and white, matching up with her watery eyes.

She bowed towards the ship after she landed, "Thank you, Celestial Master Zuo."

The ship did not land, and no one else came down from the ship. There was only a clear voice that could be heard coming from the sky, "You are welcome."

The ship then left, disappearing into the clouds in the faraway skies.

Everyone thought it was a chance to see the exceptional Celestial Master Zuo, but he did not even emerge from the ship.

The ship was too high up in the sky and was covered with a layer of intricate curtains. The people could only see the four custodians. They did not even have the chance to see Celestial Master Zuo's robe.

After the ship departed, the students who were close with Yun Qingluo eagerly went forward and started bombarding her with questions.

Yun Qingluo just kept smiling and did not say much. She kept quiet about what happened in the past month. She only sighed and said, "The whole month had been… had been too exhausting."

Her words could be manipulated into many different meanings. People could easily overthink. Moreover, her legs seemed to be fairly clumsy when she landed. The scene alone could induce a lot of imaginations in the minds of the people.

Everyone seemed to catch a glimpse of the situation. Some of the curious ones even tried to get more gossips out of her and approached her by asking oblique questions. However, Yun Qingluo did not wish to express herself any further and only smiled at them.

Her eyes were sharp. She caught Gu Xijiu who was preparing to leave the scene in the midst of the moving crowds.

She moved across the crowds and greeted Gu Xijiu with a smile, "Xijiu, long time no see."

Her voice was a little hoa.r.s.e but still delightful.

Gu Xijiu felt that she was either demonstrating her advantage or showing off.

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