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Lan Waihu used her Water Wall power to block any attacks in the form of Fire and Gold elements. When the opponent attacked with the Earth element, Qian Lingyu countered the attack by launching his tendrils of vines.

Qian Lingyu's spiritual power was close to level eight now. His attacks were simple but powerful. His every move was able to halt the opponent's attack.

Lan Waihu's spiritual power was good, too. As long as she launched her attacks in the correct sequence, she would be hard to deal with.

Gu Xijiu's spiritual power was the weakest of the lot, but she knew how to manipulate the rarely seen Wind Power. She was able to utilize the wind in time for every fight by strengthening the fire into a sea of flames or turning the water into a series of giant waves. Her every move was able to double the strength of her teammates' attacks.

In every fight, it is essential to predict the opponent's next move to win. And, Gu Xijiu was able to do that to perfection. She could always see what the opponent was about to do before they actually did it and coordinated with her teammates to counter the attack with suitable tactics.

Their strategy was part of their strength. The three of them complemented each others' strengths and abilities. Their formation was better than the average team's, and it was indeed an eye-opening fight for all the onlookers in the arena.

Even though the three of them were great together, their opponents were no pushover. This made the entire fight even more exciting. The onlookers were dazzled by their many moves.

After plenty of back and forth attacks, in the very end, the trio won the fight by a narrow margin. The arena was lifted with an outburst of cheers. No matter which cla.s.s they were from, be it Ziyun cla.s.s or Liuyun cla.s.s, the people there had certainly enjoyed themselves to the fullest. The students from Liuyun cla.s.s was extremely contented with their performance.

When the result was finally released, all of the students rushed forward to the stage and held all three winners high up in the sky!

Gu Canmo was seemingly very pleased. He turned around and asked the teachers, "After witnessing the entire fight, what do you think?"

"Gu Xijiu is extraordinary!" Teacher A exclaimed.

"She has got great eyes! Moreover, she is obviously familiar with all the general tactics of different spiritual powers and strategizes her tactics in time!" Teacher B commented.

Teacher C said, "She is capable of turning rotten things into gold. She managed to turn Lan Waihu into a killing machine!"

"She is also capable of simplifying the steps. All the tactics from the three of them were not complicated at all, but together, they worked in perfect synchronization!" Said Teacher D.

"I do not understand. Why did she keep on counting during the fight? Was it some kind of weird curse?" Asked Teacher E.

"I bet you do not know. Haha, didn't you see Lan Waihu fight according to the number that she had called out to her? She had given Lan Waihu the numbers for her every tactic that served as a reminder for her to change strategy. That is why Lan Waihu could fight precisely and accurately," explained Teacher A.

Teacher C clenched his fists, "Unfortunately, she read it too fast, or else I could jot down the numbers to see which number was a match for which tactic."

Silently, Teacher E smiled. He had memorized them all, as he had a really good memory.

He pa.s.sed it down to his students, as it would be their turn to fight the next fight.

He let his students match the numbers to Lan Waihu's tactics, and they finally came up with the solutions to break their formation. They were in full confidence to rise to the fight. However, to his surprise, this time Gu Xijiu had converted all the numbers into alphabets.

Through the many fights, the trio became completely well known in Tianju Hall. Gu Canmo immediately decided that the trio would have to fight a team from the Ziyun cla.s.s once every 10 days.

The entire Tianju Hall was filled with fighting spirits, and the students from the Ziyun cla.s.s were afraid of losing, so they trained very hard to prepare themselves.

The students in the Liuyun cla.s.s felt very proud and confident, as they were able to prove that they were not all completely useless. They had their first dark horse now. They would then have the second and the third in time. Any one of them might emerge as the next one.

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