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Gu Xijiu could understand why he would let the mistake continue, but there was still something that she was still confused about, "Long Siye, since you loved me, even if you could not tell me the truth, you should not be hurting me right? However, you had poisoned me and took out my heart to give it to Ye Hongefeng! Is this how you compensate me for your guilt? Is this how you show your love to me?"

Long Siye slightly closed his eyes, "Because the clone discovered your existence."

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrows, "Uh?"

"The clone had been pampered since she was young. She got everything that she wanted but she never knew your existence. The fact that you were in the a.s.sa.s.sin camp was only known by the Ye family, my father and myself. They thought that I was protecting the clone when I took care of you.

I did not dare to let them know about my feelings towards you, thus I had been cool to you and did not want to be close to you. After you graduated from the training, when you were growing strong and famous, the clone knew of your existence. She used her own way to check on you and she discovered your ident.i.ty as well as my feelings towards you…"

Long Siye paused for a while and said, "She did not want to let you stay alive in this world. She thought that you were her clone so she had the right to decide your fate. Well, you should know how pampered the Ye family had treated their daughter. As long as she demanded it, they would fulfill it. Therefore, the Ye family had plans to kill you."

Long Siye looked like he was suffering, "Of course, I did not want to let them to succeed. However, I was a n.o.body and was not able to stop them. So, I tried to delay their plan. I told them that their daughter had a heart disease so she might need to change her heart in future and they needed you to be alive!"

The Ye family was not easily fooled. They hired people to check the clone's body. Well, with my ability, I was able to create heart arrhythmia symptoms on her, so the result of the checkup would be the same as my statement. Finally, the Ye family gave up the idea to kill you for the time being. However, I knew that since they had this intention to kill you, they would try to do it someday in future again. In addition, they created a unique mark on the clone so that other people could not pretend to be her anymore. So I thought, in order to help you stay alive, you had to use her body, so I continued to secretly study the soul exchange technique…"

Gu Xijiu was startled for a moment and frowned, "Soul exchange technique?"

Long Siye nodded, "Yes, I knew a mystic who had the knowledge of the soul exchange technique that enables the soul to be exchanged to another body. It was the occult from his ancestral occult and was not allowed to be learned by an outsider. Even though I was his friend, he never disobeyed the rule too and only explained a little bit of the knowledge to me. Therefore, I put my full effort to study this knowledge that year and finally I successfully learned it.

During the period, in order to lift the Ye family's suspicions on me, I engaged with the clone…"

"After I successfully learned the soul exchange technique, I started to prepare the surgery of soul exchange for you and the clone. In order to perform the soul exchange technique, it required the person to exchange the heart willingly. Therefore, I did something on the clone so that she really had a heart disease and required to exchange her heart to survive. That was the reason why we had that heart exchange surgery…"

It was supposed to be a flawless plan. As long as the surgery succeeded, the soul of Gu Xijiu would be resurrected in Ye Hongfeng's body. He planned to tell Gu Xijiu the truth after she woke up in the new body so that she would not expose her real ident.i.ty in front of other people. By that time, he would marry her and help her escape from the family.

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