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Long Siye clenched his fists and suddenly blurted a sentence, "I have never treated you as an object, in real life I… I am also a clone!"

Gu Xijiu's gla.s.s almost fell onto the ground, "What?"

Long Siye barely smiled, "Are you surprised? I have an even more shocking truth to tell you. I am a clone, and you are not… Ye Hongfeng is the clone."

Gu Xijiu thought that it was too strange. She drank the wine in her gla.s.s and did not want to interrupt him, "You can continue."

Long Siye finally had the chance to properly talk to her so he told her all the causes and effects of everything.

The fact was, the father of Long Siye was a mad scientist. He had secretly studied human cloning for a long time. In order to test his study, he collected his own DNA and cloned a small embryo. After that, he put a drug in his wife and when she pa.s.sed out, he secretly put the small embryo into his wife's womb. Of course, his wife did not know about it and had always thought that she was pregnant and finally gave birth to Long Xi…

After the father achieved his purpose, he used a virus to kill his wife, leaving only the cloned baby.

Long Xi grew up in his lab and was often soaked in liquids for testing.

Of course, the reason his father gave him was very appealing. He said that he wanted to grow his only son into a genius and would arrange him to a different kind of learning path. Therefore, Long Xi had never entered into school and all his knowledge came from the crazy father.

Until the day he was seven, his father gained financial support from the Group of Ye and started to help Mr. Ye clone the daughter of Ye Hongfeng. After a year, he successfully created a clone of her.

This time, the clone was not grown in the mother's womb but inside the test tube in the lab. As the clone was added with special materials, it was as big as Ye Hongfeng and looked exactly like her when it came to life.

Of course, Long Xi witnessed everything and he was very curious about the small baby who was slowly growing in the tube. He always went around the tube to see the baby.

There was once an a.s.sistant jokingly told him, "My dear, you also came to the world like this…"

Long Xi was extremely intelligent. Although he was still a kid, his IQ was very high. He was doubtful about the statement. As he was quite familiar with the processes in the laboratory, he conducted a test on himself. He nearly collapsed when the result of the testing was out. He was indeed a clone. His father had never treated him as his son but only a test product.

He hated his father so much but at that time he could not do anything on his father. Therefore he vented his anger onto the clone of Ye Hongfeng…

Mr. and Mrs. Ye did not want the clone to live together with their daughter, so they asked the crazy scientist to send the clone away as long as the clone could grow up properly.

Long Xi hated his father as well as the couple who supported his father financially. Therefore, he secretly swapped the two babies who were still in infancy…

As the result, the real Ye Hongfeng was given to a couple and was named Gu Xijiu…

Long Xi kept the secret very well so no one had ever known about this, not even his crazy father.

The crazy scientist was still very concerned about his own product. He wanted to know how big the clone could potentially be therefore he sent people to kidnap the clone. After that, he arranged the clone to attend the a.s.sa.s.sin camp for training…

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