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"Then what is it? I know Miss Gu is talented in alchemy and everyone agreed that she is a great seed. I also know she has performed a few miracles. She is smart and knowledgeable in spells and has contributed greatly to Tianju Hall.

Everyone knows it and we do agree she is a genius. However, she only has a level five spiritual power. I'm really worried she won't be able to handle the battle later. It's not a big deal to lose, but what if she gets badly injured? How are we going to explain this to The Lord?"

"Don't worry! I'm here! Just tell your students to try their best."

Teacher Meng's eyes sparkled! He was waiting for that phrase! Nothing is more important than surviving when you are on the battlefield. He always taught his students to take every single battle seriously and give their best to win. What was there for him to be afraid of when Gu Canmo gave the green light?

He immediately talked to his three students who were on the battle platform using Directed Audio, "Try your best! Find an opportunity to defeat them all at once and end this farce as soon as possible!"

Three of them were pumped up and immediately rubbed their palms together in acknowledgment!

It was difficult for them to fight with kindness. What were they waiting for if they could use their full power? Let's fight!

The fighting spirit was burning in their eyes...

Let the battle begin!

The battle ended very quickly, and it was not even an hour.

Two of the students from Ziyun cla.s.s had their chests on the ground, and the other one was still standing. However, his clothes were almost torn apart, and a big chunk of his hair was gone!

Gu Xijiu and her two buddies were still standing in unity. Qian Lingyu laughed as he rested his palms on both sides of his waists, "Seems like the students from the Ziyun cla.s.s aren't as good as what we thought. Hahaha!"

Gu Canmo turned around and looked at Teacher Meng who was stunned beyond words, "Have your students tried their best? It's really embarra.s.sing to be defeated by the students from the Liuyun cla.s.s!"

Teacher Meng was very mad. He took a deep breath and asked Gu Canmo, "Can I get another team of students?" F*ck! He would not have simply selected his lousy students if he knew it earlier!

Gu Canmo was upset, "You want them to fight again?"

Teacher Meng remained silent.

Gu Canmo tapped on his shoulder, "Brother since you're so pitiful, I'll give your students another chance. However, it must be three days later. I hope you would select your students wisely and if your team loses again, I really have nothing to say anymore…"

Teacher Meng was speechless. Although there were not many in the audience, the effect was incredibly great! The news has been spread around the school and even the servants who were responsible for cleaning the school knew the results.

The students from the Liuyun cla.s.s had finally made their way out of the shadow of the Ziyun cla.s.s! Conversely, the students from the primary cla.s.s have become the clowns of the Tianju Hall. The three students could not even raise their heads over the next three days and they kept avoiding people as far as possible. Of course, they were all outraged and were waiting for the battle three days later.

Three days had pa.s.sed, and they were now at the battle platform.

The audience seats were fully occupied. All the students were there and so were the teachers and the chefs in the canteen as they did not want to miss the game.

To emerge victoriously, Teacher Meng had picked the strongest students in the cla.s.s. When three of them walked up to the stage, countless applauses were lingering around their ears.

That was the first time Lan Waihu partic.i.p.ated in such a grand compet.i.tion. She felt a little dizzy as she looked at the crowds. Her palms were sweating when she managed to see the three opponents clearly.

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