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Gu Xijiu focused on teaching her how to combine her skills and use them in unity. During their training, this little girl often got confused and used the wrong power at the wrong time. Qian Lingyu as her sparring partner always suffered from unplanned attacks.

One day, when Qian Lingyu was splashed with water for the 30th time, he finally got angry and ran away from practice! He vented his frustration at Lan Waihu and disappeared after.

Lan Waihu was noticeably very upset. She looked at Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu… Am I… Am I stupid? Will you give up on me?"

Gu Xijiu rubbed her eyebrows as she looked at the teary eyes of Lan Waihu. She shook her head, "You must continue to practice. As long as you still want to improve, I will not give up on you." She had never given up on any of her teammates. This time should be no different.

Lan Waihu stopped sobbing and was relieved by her words. She then continued her practice. Gu Xijiu sat at the side watching her. Her thoughts were running a marathon, but finally, she thought that if this little girl did not know how to coordinate with other people, should they change their strategy to coordinate with her?

This was a great idea, but just when she was about to get down to planning, someone coughed behind her. She turned and saw Yan Chen standing there watching Lan Waihu practicing in the field. He looked tensed.

Over the past few days, Gu Xijiu had been very unhappy with this guy because he always gave her an unpleasant look. It was as though she was a wolf who was trying to eat Lan Waihu. It made her feel very uncomfortable.

When Gu Xijiu was unhappy, she often made the source of her unhappiness uneasy too. So sometimes, Gu Xijiu would purposely bring trouble to Yan Chen.

For example, when she met him while he was hunting in the mountain, she used her Wind Breaker skill to scare away the beasts so that Yan Chen had to wait for several hours to find one.

Sometimes, she would even ask Lu Wu to follow Yan Chen secretly. Although Lu Wu was still a baby beast, it was a level eight majestic being. Wherever it went, all other beats would have run away to avoid it. Therefore, whenever Lu Wu followed Yan Chen, he could not even catch a rabbit and basically returned with nothing.

In Tianju Hall, most of the food source came from the hunting efforts of the students. Hence, all the students in the Ziyun cla.s.s and the Liuyun cla.s.s would hunt for food, and it would be one of the performance indicators each month.

Yan Chen had always been the top student in this task. He always over-fulfilled the requirement and had been a role model for everyone to follow. However, after he was secretly disrupted by Gu Xijiu, his results had deteriorated, and sometimes he could not even pa.s.s the basic requirement.

There were a few occasions where the chefs in the kitchen tried to ask if he had any health issues. Even the teachers also started to get concerned about his condition.

Yan Chen had a very high self-esteem, so he did not want to tell people about the difficulty he faced from the disturbances of Gu Xijiu. Since he could not hunt effectively, he decided to change task and collect herbs instead.

However, Lu Wu was like an adhesive plaster. No matter what he found, before he could pluck the herbs, Lu Wu would appear and step on the herb until it was destroyed and then ran away again. It could run very fast.

There were a few times when Yan Chen tried to chase after it but failed. He realized that he could not outrun the majestic being that had four legs. He could only watch its nine wagging tails disappear from his sight.

He always felt that the shaking tails had some pattern. There was once he looked carefully and found that one of the tails was bent into an S-shape and another two tails formed B-shapes.

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