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In the modern days, Gu Xijiu also had dysmenorrhea. When she started to study medicine, the first thing she learned was to overcome dysmenorrhea, so she was an expert in this treatment.

When the doctor arrived with Yan Chen, Lan Waihu was not in pain anymore. She also knew how to handle it under the guidance of Gu Xijiu.

After this incident, Lan Waihu totally changed her att.i.tude to Gu Xijiu. She followed her like a little sister and whenever she saw Gu Xijiu, she would smile happily like a sunflower.

Of course, Yan Che who still took precautions against Gu Xijiu was not happy when he saw his hometown mate following Gu Xijiu often. He once called Lan Waihu out and scolded her for a long time, but Lan Waihu who used to always listen to him had refused to listen to him this time round.

There was once when Gu Xijiu accidentally heard their conversation. During the conversation, the little girl insisted, "I don't want! Xijiu is very good. You have a prejudice against her, a very deep prejudice! She will not harm me. She even cured my illness…"

Yan Chen did not give up, "What do you know about her? She is very good at pretending and you are too innocent. Even if there are 50 of you, you are not her opponent at all! By the time when she sells you to other people you will still be helping her to count the money!"

After he finished his sentence he saw Gu Xijiu walking towards them…

Gu Xijiu ignored him and immediately called Lan Waihu, "Little fox, do you want to go hunting with me? There is a barbecue to eat tonight."

Lan Waihu cheered happily and followed Gu Xijiu to walk away, leaving only Yan Chen who was still standing there alone.

Actually, Lan Waihu's spiritual power was not low. She started at level six and she had the rare kind of spiritual talent. Thus, no matter what she learned, she could learn it very fast.

At first, she was a very promising talent for Gu Canmo, so she was a.s.signed to the Ziyun cla.s.s. However, after she stayed in the cla.s.s for three months, she still did not know how to apply the technique properly. They did not know if it was the problem of the teachers or because she had no talent for learning martial arts. It was just like a very high-level game account that was played by a newbie who did not know how to play the game. The newbie did not know how to use the high-end weapon nor was equipped with the skill set to play the game.

In Tianju Hall, the course did not focus only on the tutorial but also on practical aspect of it. The course required the students to form a team to fight against each other so that they could practice mastering the new tricks that the teachers taught.

This kind of team fighting required the teammates to coordinate with each other and utilize each other's strength.

However, any team who had Lan Waihu as a teammate would always lose the fight, because this little girl did not know how to coordinate with her teammates at all. She did not know when she should use her skillset and what technique to apply.

Sometimes, when her teammate issued a fire attack, she would release a water jet to extinguish the fire and eventually losing the fight.

After a few cases, there was no one who wanted to be on the team with her. She came to Tianju Hall only three months earlier than Gu Xijiu and she used to be in the freshman cla.s.s of the Ziyun cla.s.s.

Although Yan Chen tried to protect her, they were not in the same cla.s.s, so he could only ensure that no one bullies her but could not intercept in other matters.

When Yan Chen knew about her case, he tried to give her a few intense lessons. He tried to teach her how to partner with her teammates. However, in the actual combat, it required the player to be flexible to handle the rapidly changing situation.

Yan Chen taught her with one method but when the opponent used other techniques, Lan Waihu was still panicking and could not play properly on the battlefield. At the end, she became the root cause of losing the game.

The speed of learning in Ziyun cla.s.s was very fast. All the students were the elite among the elites. Therefore, it was inconsistent with the existence of Lan Waihu. Everyone was very busy and no one was willing to help her.

As a result, Gu Canmo was finally disappointed and thought that this little girl had no talent for learning martial arts.

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