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A+ A- Chapter 622: She Might Be The Wife Of The Lord In Future
Messenger Shangshan shivered, "No… I don’t like her!" How dare he like the woman that The Lord cared about?

The Lord raised his eyebrow, his tone seemed to be unhappy, "You don’t like her? Is she not good enough?"

Messenger Shangshan was speechless.

"She is good enough, very good, in fact! I have never seen such a good girl before!" Messenger Shangshan answered in a heartbeat.

The Lord was satisfied now. He continued to ask, "Tell me the truth, do you like her?"

Messenger Shangshan had no idea how to respond to him. Finally, he thought of a safe answer, "No, I don't like her but admire and respect her…"

She might be the wife of The Lord in the future, who would also be his lady

master. Therefore it was not wrong to say that he respected her.

The Lord was stunned for a moment. He despised him, "How old is she and how old are you? You are much older than her. How can you respect her? The skin of your face is too thick…"
Messenger Shangshan was speechless again.

If he knew that he would get teased by The Lord, he would have asked Messenger Chenge to come and report to The Lord…

He wondered if he could go back in time.

"Why do you stand here like a dumb fool? Go and bring Gu Canmo and his people here!" The Lord asked impatiently.

Messenger Shangshan was relieved and immediately ran out.

While he was running he secretly cursed Gu Canmo and

and wondered why Gu Canmo had so much energy after being punished by The Lord. It seemed like he had not been punished enough yet.

Messenger Shangshan decided that he would personally go and inspect the punishment on Gu Canmo today!


Gu Xijiu was running in laps.

She was now a master in Qing Gong so she was not too tired after running many laps.

Tianju Hall was built in between the mountains, so when she ran, she pa.s.sed by the green-stoned staircase, as well as mountain trails.

The air in the morning was very fresh, coupled with the fragrance of plants.

Gu Xijiu liked to run in the morning when she was in the modern world. However, she was running on the tarred road and the

and the air was polluted at that time.

She felt very comfortable after the run. Especially when she found that she could adjust the spiritual power in her body to circulate faster and to be more wholesome. She suddenly realized that the punishment by The Lord was quite beneficial.

She decided that she wanted to run every day!

When she was happily running, she heard some footsteps from the back.

Gu Xijiu looked back and she slightly narrowed her eyes.

It was Yun Qingluo!

Since the day Yun QingLuo and Rong Che had been manipulated by the green-clothed person, the strength of Yun Qingluo had almost been exhausted and she had been resting all this while after the incident. She partic.i.p.ated in the group event yesterday but she was hiding she was hiding in the crowd, therefore Gu Xijiu did not notice her.

She looked much thinner than six to seven days ago. However, she still looked pretty when she put on the light green dress. It made her look like an angel when the wind blew.

"Gu Xijiu, congratulations." She ran closer to Gu Xijiu to be by her side.
"Why?" Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrow.

"You have performed extremely well these few days. Last night, Headmaster Gu got everyone's consent and decided to exempt you from those tests and enter Liuyun Cla.s.s directly." Yun Qingluo said with a calm voice and sounded like she was coming to tell her the good news.
Gu Xijiu was surprised.

She did not need to prepare for those devil tests anymore?

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