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A+ A- Chapter 619: Not Losing A Bargain
She was talented. She could master the venomous spell to the acme of perfection within months. It was not something others could master thoroughly even with years of practice. Her friend realized that she was a real talent and thus introduced her to his master. His Master secluded himself in a remote village around the mountains and would not simply recruit a disciple. However, he had been like an old friend to her since the moment they met and he had even gifted her a book of venomous spells.

Gu Xijiu had learned a variety of skills during the modern times, but Kung Fu and medicine were still her main focus.

She realized that venomous spells would always require insects as the main ingredient. She did not like insects very much. Moreover, it usually required the use of blood from the pract.i.tioner. There were too many foundations and restrictions. Although she had learned an adequate amount of knowledge, she had never used it or actually practiced it.

Nonetheless, she was still interested in resolving the venomous spell, as seeing the ‘little things’ being burned to ashes gave her a sense of satisfaction.

Therefore, she studied the

solutions in the book to learn how to resolve the venomous spell. The book did not only have a variety of spells and the applications, it also provided the necessary solutions to every spell.

She did not have anyone who was poisoned to be her test subject, so all she could do was to read the book.

Fortunately, she had a really good memory, so she could easily remember all the details after reading.

She only wanted to briefly talk about the history of her past learning experience, as she felt that what she had learned in the modern days had nothing much to do with the present era. He could not possibly make his presence here, no matter how strong her friend was.

However, The Lord insisted on questioning her in precise detail, including the outer appearances and characteristics of the two men.

In the end, he decided to give Gu Xijiu a pen and some paper. "Come, draw them out."

Gu Xijiu was speechless for a while, but she was smart enough to explain further, "Are you really suspecting that the person behind this is from one of them? It can't be.

be. It was a coincidence for me to even get here. It is impossible for them to be here as well, as time travel is a very rare phenomenon."

"Everything is possible. Just draw it, so I can have a reference."

"Then, you should draw the face of the suspect and show me as well. By the way, will you please draw a portrait of the person behind the scene that you saw from Qian Lingtian, too?" asked Gu Xijiu, gazing intensely at The Lord.

The young lady would never allow herself to suffer any losses in a bargain, at all.

The Lord agreed to her in the end. Both of them started drawing the portraits across the table.

Sometime later, after the joss stick had finished burning, they were finally done with the portraits. They exchanged their drawings with one another.

The portrait of The Lord was very lifelike, almost true to life. The mysterious person in his drawing was wearing a snow-white, long robe that covered his entire body from head to toe. There was no way to tell his silhouette or his gender, but she could somehow feel his wicked and bizarre temperament. It seemed like he would only appear during the night when there was absolutely no moon nor stars in the sky. It made her flesh creep just by looking at by looking at the portrait.

Gu Xijiu did a quick sketch with only a few strokes to define the characteristics in the portrait. Although it was not entirely life-like, she managed to capture the main features of the characters.

Her friend was a handsome man with red lips and white teeth. His smile was radiant and bright.

However, the master who resided in the remote mountains appeared to be very different. He was wearing a long robe made of jute. He appeared to be tall, straight and thin, but his facial features were unclear, as he was a heavily bearded man. His facial hair was long enough to cover his face, so his facial features were hidden underneath.

Gu Xijiu had made it clear that the master was someone with a strange personality. He was a man of a few words and did not always show himself. Even when he was teaching her, he barely showed his face. He would always talk to her from inside of the house while she listened to him from the outside. The number of times of their meeting could be easily counted with one's fingers.

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