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A+ A- Chapter 610: Cooperated With The Lord 2
As long as his spirit remained immortal, he could still potentially be reborn and be a hero again after 20 years.

Once he had this thought, he felt calm and comforted.
However, when The Lord appeared, he was panicked again. He knew that as long as The Lord was here, all his secrets would be dug out.

Indeed, after The Lord settled Qian Lingyu’s case, he looked over to Qian Lingtian’s direction.
Qian Lingtian’s face went pale, "Do not ask me anything. I will not tell you!"

The Lord frowned. He seemed to chuckle, "I did not plan to ask you to tell me."

It was troublesome to keep asking questions. The Lord intended to take a shortcut so he raised his hand and there were colorful lights that emerged from his fingers. Qian Lingtian suddenly shouted, "You can't read my mind! I will explode!"

"What?" The Lord raised his eyebrow and looked at him.

"I will explode just like how Teacher Zhi did… No, actually my explosion would be even more serious. I will burn the whole place to ashes."

Gu Canmo and the rest of people who had witnessed Teacher Zhi's death were shocked.

Gu Canmo shouted, "You know how he exploded?"

Qian Lingyu raised his head, "Of course. We cannot tell the truth and cannot speak of that person. Our minds are not allowed to be read. Once it is read, we will explode, and our souls will be dissipated."

"That person? Who is he?" Gu Canmo nervously asked.

Qian Lingtian shook his head, "I cannot tell. I literally cannot tell."

He begged The Lord, "My Lord, I know I have made a mistake. You can kill me to please the world. However can you please give me a chance to be reborn again? Please don't ask me any more questions and please don't read my mind. You cannot get anything from it. You will only make my soul dissipate."

Then he turned around to look at Gu Canmo, "Headmaster Gu, you used to like me a lot. Please help me…"

Gu Canmo remained silent. He frowned but he was soft-hearted. He looked at The Lord, "My Lord, what do you think?"

The Lord just softly ordered, "Dismiss everyone from the hall."

Gu Canmo remained silent. He could guess what The Lord was trying to do. He paused for a moment then immediately dismissed all irrelevant people out from the hall.

Gu Canmo did not want to leave, and neither did the four elder discipline gurus. They wanted to be together with The Lord!

"You also need to get out!" The Lord glanced at them and knew what they were trying to do.

"My Lord, maybe we could help..." Gu Canmo tried to argue.

"You will only be trouble for me. Get out!"

The Lord had a too strong an aura. Thus, Gu Canmo and the rest did not dare to argue anymore. They could only go out and arrange to make sure that everyone retreated fast enough.

No one knew how powerful the explosion would be so it would be better to retreat as far away as possible.
Everyone stood still just outside the hall. Yan Chen, who was among the crowd suddenly asked, "Where is Gu Xijiu?"

Everyone looked around and did not see Gu Xijiu.

Gu Canmo’s face changed, "Is she still inside the hall?"


The crowd inside the hall had been evacuated.

Qian Lingtian’s face was pale, and he cried, "My Lord, do you really want to see my soul dissipated?"

The Lord stood there, and he glanced at him, "You may not die." Then, he glanced through Qian Lingtian again and again and smiled.

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