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A+ A- Chapter 607: The Messenger Chenge Was Kicked In 2
Gu Xijiu only needed him to remove his shirt, not his pants. What was he so shy about?

Qian Lingyu was unprecedentedly obedient at this moment. He bit his lips and started to take off his shirt. Suddenly, a man flew in from the outside!

The way the man flew in was a bit strange. It looked like he did not fly in by himself but was kicked in by someone else. When he landed, he was in the middle of Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu. Gu Xijiu was not prepared for it, and almost got hit by him.

She stepped back and when she looked at the man clearly, she was surprised, "Messenger Chenge!"

He was secretly cursing his master in his heart but still displayed his kind face to the crowd, "Miss Gu, I can do this. Let me help you."

Without waiting for Gu Xijiu's response, he grabbed the venomous worm from her. When he looked at the demon, he felt disgusted and subconsciously turned his head.

Somehow he admired Gu Xijiu who knew how to handle this kind of disgusting creatures. In fact, Messenger Chenge did not know how to handle the venomous worm, but The Lord had quickly taught him before he was kicked into the middle of the crowd!

It was not easy to be chosen as a messenger of The Lord. Thus, Messenger Chenge was also one of the top talents in this continent, and he was able to learn very quickly.

He was also very bright and adaptive to situations. He could be someone very calm, adorable, elegant and even very crazy. He could change his role according to what The Lord needed.

For instance, he was now acting in a manner that suggests he knows what he is doing. He was holding the venomous worm in his right hand, and he used his left hand to take off Ling Qianyu’s shirt.

As he looked serious and fierce, Ling Qianyu was scared, and subconsciously covered his chest with his hands.

The Messenger Chenge was impatient. He pulled Qian Lingyu over and said, "What are you afraid of? We are both men, and I will not kill you. Please sit properly! I will capture the worm from your body!"

Qian Lingyu looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y red worm in front of him. He was very nervous because worms were one of his biggest fears!

His spiritual power was at level six. Usually, he could easily kill a tiger with his bare hands, but now, he was like a weak chicken in front of Messenger Chenge. He wanted to struggle, but he was scared.

He tried to seek help from Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu… Can you… Can you do the treatment for me…?" He would rather let Gu Xijiu examine his chest. More importantly, he did not know whether Messenger Chenge knew how to remove the venomous worm.

Qian Lingyu was not very confident with Gu Xijiu’s ability to cure him. But as for the Messenger Chenge, he had only heard that Messenger Chenge was good at killing people and even peeling off their skin when he punished them.

To remove the venomous worm, the host of the worm needed to be calm and in a meditative state so that the third party could easily attract the worm out from their body.

Obviously, Qian Lingyu's current condition was not suitable to remove the worm. Gu Xijiu stepped forward and said, "Let me do it."

However, Messenger Chenge would not give her the chance to do so or else he would be killed by The Lord!

He tried to hide his anger at Qian Lingyu and spoke gently to him, "Good boy, don’t be afraid. I am trying to help you, not kill you. You have to listen to me and meditate properly so that I can remove the worm for you."

When he deliberately softened his voice, it sounded a bit forced.

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