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She quickly withdrew her legs. However, she had left two footprints on the light purple mattress as she was still wearing thin boots. How embarra.s.sing!

Gu Xijiu decided to teleport due to her state of panic.

She was too nervous and did not realize her legs were still hooked to the curtains. As a result, she teleported out to the courtyard together with the entire bed drapes.

She felt embarra.s.sed and annoyed as she was wrapped in the bed drapes. However, when she finally struggled out, she realized there were four pairs of eyes looking at her!

The four messengers were talking with each other at the stone table. Gu Xijiu fell from the sky and dropped directly on their table.

All of their eyes were opened widely as they saw Gu Xijiu crawl out from the bed drapes. This little girl came out from The Lord’s bedroom with his bed drapes. What had The Lord done?

Gu Xijiu sat on the table as though she was the appetizer of the night. That was definitely the most embarra.s.sing day of her life! She could not wait to drill a hole into the ground and bury herself inside it!

She smiled awkwardly as she looked at the four pairs of eyes, "Hehe… You’re back!"

Messenger Shangshan was good at socializing, but he could also overthink sometimes. He felt that Miss Gu seemed to be annoyed by them. He immediately stepped back, "Hehe, yea, we’re back. Actually, we still have something to do. We’ll make a move first!" He pulled the other three who were still idling, "Let’s go!"

The four of them left without turning back.

Gu Xijiu was sitting there helplessly. Was she possessed by evil spirits? How could she make so many mistakes in a row! She… She used to be firm and calm no matter the situation.

"Are you, trying to have a moon bath with my bed drapes?" The Lord appeared in front of the door and looked at her while leaning on the door frame.

G.o.d of Thunder, please strike me!

Gu Xijiu secretly took a deep breath and then took another one to calm herself. She removed the bed drapes from her body and then jumped onto the ground and said with a firm tone, "My sincere apologies, I’ve spoiled your bed drapes. Xijiu…. Xijiu would compensate…"

"The bed drapes are made from ice silk in the snow together with shark silk, and it costs 10,000 spiritual stones for one inch, how are you going to compensate?"

Gu Xijiu was silent. The bed drapes were hanging above a bed of about two meters in length and two meters in width, so how many inches was that?

Gu Xijiu quickly calculated and unsurprisingly realized it was a super high price! The spiritual stones she had earned tonight were only enough to pay for a tiny piece of the drapes.

She took a deep breath and then took a look at the bed drapes. There was about a foot long tear, but the rest was still in good condition.

"My Lord, I think I can sew the torn part." Gu Xijiu took the courage to bargain.

"Can it be sewed perfectly?"

How could that possible?! The material of the bed drapes was extremely fine. Hence, there was no way to get it sewed and returned in perfect condition.

Sweat poured out of Gu Xijiu's head as she looked at the damage done to the drapes, "I can’t." She closed her eyes and decided to suggest, "However, I have another way to compensate."

"What do you have in mind?" The Lord looked at her and started to judge, "Surrender your body?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

The Lord slowly added, "Look at your flat body, I’d make another loss if I accept your submission…"

Gu Xijiu grabbed her fists! What was wrong with her body? Her body was now in good shape! However, she did make a huge mistake, so she decided not to be calculative over this now.

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