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The pills Gu Xijiu wanted to make this time were more valuable. Hence, she needed relatively expensive herbs. As a result, he spent 75 of the spiritual stones they had earned to purchase the ingredients.

Qian Lingyu was quite worried this time as the first batch of medicines that she made was very common, and Gu Xijiu was quite familiar with the alchemy process. However, the second one would be more difficult, and they would face a big loss if it fails. However, since he could afford it, the risk was worth taking. He was willing to accept more missions in the next few days and earn it back during the next night market together with Gu Xijiu.

The second furnace was the Phoenix Marrow Pill which could strengthen the spiritual power in the body as well as refine the absorbed spiritual power. This pill was considered as a premium medicine, and it was quite challenging to make it.

Even the third-grade pills could be sold at a good price. Everyone’s blood was boiling when the furnace was opened for the second time tonight. Six fourth-grade pills were produced, and the rest were all third-grade! There was not even one failed pill.

The red and burning pills were lying at the bottom of the furnace which attracted everyone’s eyes. The pharmacists came up to conduct the test, and all of their faces cast a doubtful expression. They looked at Gu Xijiu and proceeded to conduct the test again. After some time, they finally announced, "These are authentic, and they are considered premium ones!"

"Nah!" A bag of spiritual stones was thrown on Gu Xijiu's stall. A man walked over and said, "There are 300 spiritual stones in the bag, I want all the pills!"

Based on the market price, a fourth-grade Phoenix Marrow Pill was worth around 40 spiritual stones, and third-grade ones were worth about 20 spiritual stones. All of the pills cost combined would cost about 300 spiritual stones. Hence, the man offered a fair price.

Gu Xijiu took a glimpse of the man who walked over. In fact, the man was dressed in the same costume as everyone did so it was difficult to identify him. Despite having a pair of sharp eyes, she did not identify people through their appearance, but she recognized their aura and odor.

That was Qian Lingtian! The fish had finally got on the hook!

Her lips below the mask curved upwards and she said, "No way!"

They needed to disguise their voice while trading in the night market and Gu Xijiu was an expert! Forget about the people around her; even Qian Lingyu could not recognize her voice. She even disguised her height such that she was slightly taller than her original height.

"Why not?" Qian Lingtian sounded angry, "I'm paying the market price!"

"But I'm not obliged to sell at the market price." Gu Xijiu sounded calm and signaled to Qian Lingyu. Qian Lingyu immediately announced, "Hot and fresh Phoenix Marrow Pills, 60 spiritual stones for each fourth-grade pill, 30 spiritual stones for each third-grade pill! First comes first served! Hurry up!"

Although it was slightly more expensive than the market price, it was really difficult to find this pill on the market. Therefore, everyone was competing to get it.

"I want it!"

"Me too!"


Qian Lingtian frowned. He took out another bag and threw it over, "Here you go. There are another 200 spiritual stones in there which makes a total of 500 spiritual stones. That’s more than enough! I want all the pills!"

Gu Xijiu frowned and said, "I’m not going to sell all the pills to the same person, each person can only buy two pills."

Qian Lingtian was furious! He could only buy two pills even though he was eager to get all. Gu Xijiu did not take extra from him; she only received a total 120 spiritual stones for two pills. The rest also purchased the pills from her, and they were happily waiting for the third furnace.

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