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Within the period, all the nine people were attacked by the green man and all of them were injured, but were still in their fighting mode.

The Lord was watching at the side. None of the nine people were able to catch the man; how could they continue to be the guardians and the leaders of the top school in the world?

All of them began to try their best!

The four messengers hardly fought enemies at the same time, while Gu Canmo and his people had not met such a great opponents for a long time. They too, hardly worked together to fight as well.

Therefore, they were still trying to familiarize with each other when the array was formed.

They had almost hurt their teammates due to the fact that the Four Courtesy Array and the Five Elements Array were linked.

Therefore, they were not taking the risk.

However, about 15 minutes later, the nine of them had finally gotten familiar with each other and they began to synchronize and work well together.

Every single attack they issued had become more powerful than ever and they finally managed to suppress the green man.

Gu Xijiu felt relieved and began to grab the chance to observe the arrays and their attack strategies. She also observed the strange strategy deployed by the green man.

That was the best time to watch it as it was not easy to have such a rare opportunity to see so many masters and experts fighting.

There was an idiom saying that even a great tiger would be afraid of a group of wolves, especially a group of well-trained wolves!

An hour later, the green man was finally defeated by various magic and techniques.

Gu Canmo was so happy and rushed forward to arrest the green man. He sealed the green man’s acupoints first and took off his mask to unveil who it was.

He was stunned when he took off the mask.

The man had no facial features...

In other words, his face was flat and all the parts an average human's face would have features on, were flat and empty.

Gu Canmo asked, "Who are you?!"

The spot where the eyes were supposed to be was moving, and looked at The Lord, "Try to guess."

"Watch out!" Gu Xijiu suddenly shouted and stretched out her sleeve!

A strong wind blew towards Gu Canmo and he stepped backward.

At the same time, a ball of seven-colored rays was issued in The Lord’s palm and then engulfed the green man.

Before Gu Canmo managed to respond, he heard a loud sound, "Boom!" The green man exploded as though a bomb had exploded beside him.

The explosion was vigorous and the seven-colored ray was vibrating.


A moment later, the seven-colored ray disappeared.

The green man had disappeared and left a huge b.l.o.o.d.y pit behind/ The pit was huge and deep, like an aftermath of a bomb explosion.

Gu Canmo was still in shock as his face was pale.

He was standing closest to the green man earlier, and would have died if Gu Xijiu did not help him by issuing a strong wind or if The Lord did not manage to protect him with the wizard!

The explosion was powerful enough to flatten a mountain!

He could not help but catch a glimpse at Gu Xijiu and felt guilty.

He almost caused her to die but she saved his life from danger...

Although her Kung Fu was subpar, she was kind. Besides, she had sharp eyes and noticed the explosion in advanced.

He thanked Gu Xijiu and asked the question he had in mind.

Gu Xijiu bit her lips and said, "His head was glowing red and I remembered Teacher Zhi had the same symptom before he exploded. However, the glow was even brighter than the one Teacher Zhi had."

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