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Chapter 537: The Lord’s Grace 7
Rong Che was stunned, "Oh… Thank you, My Lord."

Gu Canmo added, "My Lord, the Eighth Prince is Miss Gu’s friend, and he delivered the Wind Caller from so far away, I think he wouldn’t do such things to hurt Miss Gu. Besides, he only has level five spiritual power; even the two dead students were better than him. It was also impossible for him to plot the murder so well."

Everyone nodded, and even Long Siye did the same. The Lord took a glimpse at Rong Che and smiled, "Eighth Prince, do you blame me?"

Rong Che shook his head, "No. I’m an outsider, and coincidentally something bad happened when I arrived, it was reasonable for you to suspect me. My Lord, you’ve actually cleaned my name by reading my memories as it proved that I didn’t lie. I should thank you, how would I blame you, My Lord?" His reply was so understanding.

The Lord nodded, "That’s great then."

Gu Canmo asked again, "My Lord, do you suspect that the culprit is someone else?"

The Lord looked at him and sighed as he shook his head, "Gu Canmo, it’s time for you to upgrade yourself and refresh your brain."

Gu Canmo was speechless.

The Firmament Stone could not help but sigh in Gu Xijiu’s mind, "Only now do I know that The Lord would call someone 'stupid.'"

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "Can’t believe the headmaster can be stupid." She looked at Rong Che. Did The Lord suspect Rong Che? He looked innocent though.


A jade table with Magnolia’s petals. There were a teapot and four tea bowls. Four people were sitting at the table. The Lord was sitting in the host seat, Long Siye was sitting on his left, Gu Xijiu was sitting on the right of The Lord, and Rong Che was sitting opposite The Lord. He was making the tea.

Gu Xijiu was felt like she was dreaming. That used to be her little cottage, but now it has become a mansion and temporary accommodation for The Lord. Yes, The Lord was not gone yet, he decided to stay, in her place. Until now, she could still remember the expression Gu Canmo and his people had on their faces when The Lord said he wanted to stay. All of them were shocked, as though they were struck by lightning! Their reaction was a bit too much as their mouths were left opened so widely that it could fit a herbal egg!

Of course, Gu Xijiu was shocked as well. She was wiping the mussel’s sh.e.l.l at the time, and she accidentally stuffed the cloth into the mussel’s mouth when she heard that. However, The Lord did not bother with all their responses and said, "I’ll be staying here for another 12 days to investigate this case."

He then walked into the new courtyard. Before he entered, he called Rong Che and Long Siye along for some discussions. Both of them were confused. However, they could not wait to follow him.

The mansion was designed with three entrances and three exits. The pillars were carved with very nice patterns. Everything was vintage and cla.s.sic. It looked so much nicer than the buildings in the Tianju Hall.

Even Gu Xijiu looked around and touched the walls and displays when she entered. She felt she was hallucinating and everything would be gone once she touches them. However, everything was real - the strong pillars in the corridor were strong and firm, it did not move at all even when she pushed it.

The Lord stopped at the courtyard and told someone to set up a table. He took out a tea set and asked Rong Che, "I heard your skills are quite good, why don’t you help us?"

Thus, Rong Che took over and was making the tea. Rong Che was indeed good at making tea. The tea smelled good, and the aroma would linger in their oral cavities for quite a while.

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