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Fortunately, she did not have to see him often, perhaps, it was the only time they would meet. It was considered a rare opportunity. Hence, she decided to endure.

Gu Xijiu still wanted to be an obedient girl in front of him. Hence, she began to tidy her hair after an apology. Although she had sufficient spiritual power now, she did not officially learn the many spells to help her with her ch.o.r.es. Therefore, she did not know how to dry her hair with her spiritual power. She combed her hair while facing where the wind came from so that it could be dried faster.

The Lord watched her comb her hair and realized it was a beautiful scene. Initially, he was planning to dry her hair with his magic. However, he decided to let her do it since he did not mind to continue watching her drying her hair.

Gu Xijiu did not want to leave The Lord waiting for long. Therefore, she tied her hair after a few minutes of drying. She did not use any makeup or fancy hairstyle, so she only tied her hair into a simple knot.

The wet hair coupled with a simple hairstyle had made her look a few years older than her real age! Gu Xijiu looked so beautiful earlier, but now she looked less charming.

The Lord was a perfectionist. He was perfect, and he could not accept any imperfections on others as well. Especially, the lady he cared about.

He tried to control himself but failed. He waved at her, "Come over here, I'll help you."

Gu Xijiu was speechless again. She was shocked!


Gu Xijiu sat on a rock, and The Lord was standing behind her to tidy her hair. He ran his fair and long fingers through her hair. Although it was just a few minutes, it made her feel good.

The Lord exuded an extraordinary fragrance. It was a very mild yet fresh odor, but it disappeared when she tried to smell it again. Gu Xijiu recalled Di Fuyi again. Strangely, the fragrance of The Lord and Di Fuyi was different, but she always thought both of the fragrances came from the same origins.

She suddenly had an extreme idea in her head. Was The Lord in front of her, or was it actually Di Fuyi!!!? Of course, Gu Xijiu immediately convinced herself to deny this extreme case as she felt that it was impossible.

Oh gosh! It is impossible! Not to mention that both of their auras were different, but even if it were the same, Di Fuyi would not dare to impersonate The Lord, right!? That would be a great sin!

Even if Di Fuyi were brave enough, he would not dig a grave for himself, right? If he were caught, his Fucang Hall would be destroyed into ashes!

She was out of her mind for the moment, but when she regained her consciousness, there was a mirror in front of her, and The Lord’s voice lingered around her ears, "Come on, look at yourself."

The girl in the mirror looked fabulous with a fringe slightly covering her forehead. Gu Xijiu was surprised but frowned as she did not expect The Lord to know how to tie hair! It was amazing!

Most importantly, her wet hair was dried in just a few minutes, and it became as smooth as silk! It was even smoother than hair in the hair shampoo advertis.e.m.e.nts!

Girls always prioritized their appearance, and Gu Xijiu was no exception. Thus, she thanked The Lord and continued admiring herself in front of the mirror.

"Change your dress as well." The Lord gave Gu Xijiu a set of clothes, "Your current outfit would make me think you’re challenging me."

As usual, Gu Xijiu was speechless but she said in her head, "My Lord, are we done with these? I thought you have something important to talk to me about? You are leaving after that, right? How long would it take to finish the talk? Am I really worth your time that you would turn me into a beautiful doll?"  

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