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Chapter 522: Self-Embarra.s.sed 6
Gu Xijiu felt better as she heard those promises from Gu Canmo.

Since Gu Canmo was going to take the responsibility, it was unnecessary for her to make any requests anymore.

However, someone was not done with the results.

The Lord did not look at Gu Canmo anymore but spoke calmly, "Those punishments are the price you should pay for the game and it is not considered the penalty. Messenger Chenge, what's the punishment for accusing my disciple and the action of almost causing her death?"

Messenger Chenge was stunned.

My Lord, this seemed to be the first time you've gotten a disciple. There was no history of reference and we have yet to come up with a policy for this.

Fortunately, he acted quite fast and immediately replied, "The Lord's disciple should not be simply insulted! And she almost died being wronged! You should be torn apart by five chariots!"

He picked the heaviest penalty as he remembered the madness from The Lord at the moment he knew Gu Xijiu was locked. The Lord almost destroyed Tianju Hall.

And as The Lord had finally found the chance, he should take the advantage too.
He secretly observed The Lord and noticed that he smiled. Did he agree with his suggestion?

Messenger Chenge was delighted and had secretly praised himself for being smart.

Gu Canmo knelt on the ground with cold sweat and did not dare to speak.

It was only now that he realized the consequence of seeking troubles with The Lord.

He thought he was doing the right thing and kept scolding The Lord's disciple. He even abused her with a private punishment and apparently, The Lord hated it.

And now, The Lord was here to punish him.

Also, it was a public punishment and he could not even find an excuse for himself but only kept kowtowing...

The rest was still kneeling on the floor and quickly kowtow-ed in order to seek forgiveness on behalf of Gu Canmo. Everyone agreed that Gu Canmo was actually a good person and he contributed a lot.

After a while, The Lord spoke slowly with a lazy tone, "Since you have contributed quite a lot before, I’ll spare your life for once. However, you’re spared from death but not the penalties. It will be difficult for me, should I waive your punishment. Stay in the Mysterious Fire Land for two hours daily and the duration is two months."

The crowd trembled altogether.

Gu Canmo panicked to the extent that his a.n.u.s tightened up!

The Mysterious Fire Land was as scary as the volcanoes and the temperature was 100 degrees Celsius! People with no spiritual power would be cooked alive!

Gu Canmo had very high spiritual power, however, his attributes were of the metal element and the fire could melt metals easily. Therefore, he could not protect himself with his core spiritual power but was only allowed to use the spiritual power from the complementary attribute from the water element. Water could help to remove fire, but his complementary attribute sucks!

Even though he could form an aqua membrane as protection with his level three water spiritual power, it would probably evaporate very soon. He needed to be steamed in there for two hours every day; his skin would probably peel off when he exits...

Anyway, at least his life was spared. Gu Canmo quickly kowtowed to show gratefulness.

Everyone looked at him with a sympathetic gaze.

Princ.i.p.al, hopefully, you are still complete after two months.

They looked at Gu Xijiu and then looked at The Lord.

They were confused; they wondered whether The Lord was helping the little girl or because Gu Canmo embarra.s.sed him and he decided to punish him?

Gu Canmo was ready to accept the punishment, however, he had a question, "The Lord, I deserve to be punished. I wouldn’t blame anyone even if I have to suffer a heavier punishment. If Miss Gu is not the murderer, who could be the one? Is there really a second mussel?"

The Lord looked at Gu Xijiu, "Do you have any clues about the murderer?"

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