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Chapter 520: Self-Embarra.s.sed 4
"Stop, mussel!" Gu Xijiu took a leap and penetrated the wizardry barrier and then grabbed the mussel’s sh.e.l.l!

The mussel was stunned and did not dare to close its sh.e.l.l anymore. However, its eyes were still red and slowly turned into a little kid again and cried, "Master, they want to kill me! I’m going to eat them! They didn’t feed me; I’m so hungry! I’m starving, I don’t want to be a hungry ghost even if I have to die."

Gu Xijiu pulled away from the two students and then carried the little kid, "No dear, I won't let them kill you."

The little kid was still sad and crying, "But, but... you were there watching and didn’t stop them…"

"Mussel, trust me. All these are to clean our name, I won’t leave you alone." Gu Xijiu comforted it.

"Really?" The mussel doubted.

"It’s more real than real gold!"

Gu Xijiu bowed to The Lord after comforting the mussel, "My respectful Lord, is it possible for me to investigate this case by myself?"

The Lord nodded, "Sure." His gaze scanned across the hall and realized many were confused, however, his little Xijiu got the message. She was indeed a smart girl!

He was happy but felt a tinge of pain in his heart at the same time. However, the pain faded in a blink of an eye; no one had noticed it.

Gu Xijiu was delighted, "Is it possible to get some help from messenger Shangshan and Chenge?"

"Up to you." The Lord did not want to talk much but had sold both of his subordinates.

Thus, Gu Xijiu decided to do everything she wanted to do. She immediately invited messenger Chenge who was an expert at observing the fight scene and then requested a piece of beef with its bone still intact from Gu Canmo, for the mussel to clip onto it.

The mussel was very honest, it cut the beef into two as though it was cutting a block of tofu.
A moment later, messenger Chenge submitted the report to Gu Xijiu after a series of observations and records.

Gu Xijiu looked at the audience and began to a.n.a.lyze everything for them. Firstly, based on the information collected from the fight scene, the mussel must bury itself underground and made a sudden attack; it wanted to sneakily attack from behind as its action was too slow. However, based on its motion with a sneak attack, the two students should be able to avoid its attack based on their Qing Gong and they were not supposed to be hurt once they managed to avoid it. Of course, there should be an intense fight after, but there was no sign of battle at the scene...

Secondly, after the opponents were trapped in the illusion, the mussel must transform back to its original form in order to eat the human. Its sh.e.l.l’s original size was about four meters long and three meters in width like a small house. However, the sh.e.l.l’s mark at the scene was smaller which about two meters only.

Thirdly, the mussel did not use its sh.e.l.l to eat a human but pulled them towards itself and stuffed them into its mouth, much like how a cobra would eat the food.

Lastly, which was also the most important point, the mussel would leave a mark on whichever object it clipped. However, as the mussel’s sh.e.l.l was injured and broken, there would be a few tiny notches on the object it clipped. Of course, the notches were really tiny to the extent that people could not easily see it if they did not pay enough attention.

Its sh.e.l.l was too sharp, hence, Gu Xijiu did not notice the edge of its sh.e.l.l. However, she only noticed it when she took a look at the cut beef.

Both the messenger Shangshan and the autopsy expert knew the wounds and injuries very well as they had checked the two corpses earlier.

Gu Xijiu showed them the injuries on the beef and both of them agreed that the marking on both sides of the beef was different from those on the corpses. In other words, even if both of them were killed by a mussel, it would be from another mussel.

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