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Chapter 515: I Trust Her 6
The more the mussel spoke, the more it felt that it was wronged. It opened its sh.e.l.l and exposed its soft flesh to Gu Xijiu, "Master, look! They opened my sh.e.l.l and poked me with needles and swords! They even burned me with a hot iron! They wanted to remove my sh.e.l.l!"
The mussel seemed to have suffered a lot as there were many injuries on its flesh as well as a layer of skin that was detached from its inner sh.e.l.l. It was indeed a cruel scene.

Gu Xijiu was mad! There were not many people or objects that she cared about in her lifetime, however, when she did and cla.s.sified them as her own, she would protect them with her life and would not ever allow anyone to abuse them!

She glared at Gu Canmo, "I can’t believe a Princ.i.p.al of the Tianju Hall would hurt an innocent mussel! If it’s not the murderer, you’ll have to give me a good explanation.

Gu Canmo was speechless.

He was upset and still thought the mussel was the murderer, "Fine, I’ll give you a good explanation if it’s not the murderer. But what if it’s the murderer?"

"If it's the one, I'll hand it to you by myself and keep my mouth shut regardless if you're going stew it or fry it! But if it's not, what kind of consequence would you pay?"

Gu Canmo had gone over his limit, "If it’s innocent, I’ll undergo the same punishment which it had suffered!"

The Lord who was still playing chess calmly added, "How about the consequence for what Gu Xijiu suffered?"

Everyone was confused. No one caught the message. The Lord continued, "She has been trapped in the Devil's Gaol and chained for three days. If she is innocent, Gu Canmo should receive the same punishment."

He was holding a chess piece in his fingertips and lightly knocked at the edge of the chess board, "However, your power is so much higher than hers, it’s difficult for you to show your sincerity if you take the same punishment. Hmmm, let’s make it 30 days then."

Gu Canmo was speechless. Did he dare to defend himself?

"What if they are the murderers?" Cu Canmo asked with pride!

"It's not them." The Lord answered calmly, "I’d investigate my own people before making them a follower. She wouldn’t do such acts. And for the mussel, since she said it was not the one, then it’s not the one."

Gu Canmo was speechless, once again!

Gu Xijiu was pleased. The Lord trusted her! He believed in her; even though they just met once! Although he mentioned that he had investigated her before, she still felt warm because of his words. You would find the importance of one's trust when everyone else has pointed their fingers at you. She could not help but look at him again.

The mussel lightly clipped on Gu Xijiu’s dress, "Master, I feel pain…"
Gu Xijiu looked at Gu Canmo and stretched her hand out, "Please return my belongings!" They had confiscated her stuff together with all her medicines.

Gu Canmo was not afraid that she would do anything reckless now, hence, he returned her stuff. But Gu Xijiu was not done with him yet. While applying the medicine on the mussel, she asked, "Where is Lu Wu and Wind Caller? When are you giving them back to me?"
Gu Canmo answered, "Don’t worry, they are in safe hands. I’ll bring them back in perfect condition after everything is settled."


Messenger Shangshan and Chenge had finally returned with their respective investigation results.

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