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When Gu Canmo laid out every piece of evidence, everyone present was almost convinced that Gu Xijiu was the murderer. Even if she was not the murderer, then the mussel must be the one.

After listing out the evidence thoroughly, he concluded, "My Lord, I did not intend to put her in a difficult situation, I only did it upon valid evidence. The students here in the Tianju Hall are all elites which are hard to come by. Now that they’ve been murdered, as the head of the Tianju Hall, I must investigate and solve the case so I can pay tribute to the dead as well as to their families. That’s why I decided to imprison Gu Xijiu."

He was well prepared. He even called upon the post-mortem examiner to explain the forensic report and the tissues that were found on the sh.e.l.l of the mussel, just to prove that the mussel indeed killed the two disciples.

This world was different than the ancient times. Some technologies were quite advanced. They were able to test the hair and skin tissues of the deceased and trace it back to the killer. To make things worse, there was even the blood of the two disciples on the sh.e.l.l of the mussel.

Gu Canmo also presented the rest of the belongings he confiscated from Gu Xijiu, including the audio recording. Not to mention the disguising tools and weapons, the drugs, and the poisons that she carried with her along her journey.

Since Gu Xijiu was already seen as guilty, anything that she had with her was detained for investigation, even if it was irrelevant to the case.

The only thing that she still had with her was her bracelet. She could not take the bracelet off no matter how hard she tried. It would be detained as well if she managed to take it off.

The Lord listened quietly to all Gu Canmo's revelations. When Gu Canmo was finally finished, he looked at Gu Xijiu and said, "This evidence is indeed disadvantageous to you, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Thereupon, Gu Xijiu described everything that had happened that night. She felt uneasy when she was finished, as the evidence were unfavorable to her current situation. Furthermore, The Lord was fair and just. Would he believe her? After all, she had only seen him once in her dream.

To her, The Lord was like a legendary G.o.d. But he was also an unpredictable G.o.d. She recalled everything that she had done in the past. She could not have possibly left a good impression on The Lord. He would probably think that she is a liar.

Although the palpable, blatant lie was completely made up by Di Fuyi, she did not seem to refute it at that time. Perhaps The Lord felt that it was too late to change as the entire continent had heard about it, he might as well give tacit consent to the status quo. However, she could not be too weak as a follower, which was why he gave her a book in her dream.

The only interaction she had ever had with The Lord was in her dream. This was only her second time, but this time she was a convict.

She was grateful to The Lord for carrying her out of the cell. However, she could only think of one reason behind it – it was because of her reputation as a follower of The Lord. If she continued to be bullied by others, it would be such a disgrace to him, so he had to get himself involved.

About him carrying her in his arms – She was unconscious at that time, so she could not possibly walk by herself. Moreover, there were only men in the cell at the time. It was not appropriate for her, as a female follower of The Lord, to be carried away by another man.

Finally, considering the age of The Lord, it would be like a grandfather holding his little granddaughter in his embrace. It should not be a big deal. She thus positioned herself precisely – the follower of The Lord, a reputation recognized by The Lord with no doubts.

After explaining the incident that happened that night, she raised her head to look at The Lord and held her breath, awaiting his judgment.

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