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Chapter 510: I Trust Her
As long as Gu Xijiu signed the agreement to leave and promised never to come back, then he could have expelled her and not see her again. Even if The Lord took up the matter himself, he could not argue with the agreement.

To his surprise, before he could get Gu Xijiu to sign the agreement, The Lord had already emerged from the sky. At this moment, Gu Canmo did not know where The Lord was carrying Gu Xijiu. He had some questions but did not dare to ask.

The tremendous force of The Lord was unpredictable, which caused the fearlessness in Gu Canmo to fade and made his heart tremble and quake like leaves in the howling winds.

After leaving the Devil Gaol, Gu Xijiu finally regained her consciousness. The first thing that she did after regaining her consciousness was to question Gu Canmo, "The Mussel? What have you done to it?"

The tone of her voice was harsh. Gu Canmo would already generally not accept it if someone questioned him in such a rude manner. However, he would not dare flare up this time with The Lord's eyes sternly focused on him.

"It… It’s fine."

Gu Xijiu was relieved, but not convinced, "Where is it? I want to see it!"

Gu Canmo paused abruptly. Just when he was about to say something, The Lord interrupted him. "Bring the mussel to the Qingfeng Room."

Obviously, The Lord was going to handle the case himself. Gu Canmo did not know whether to feel happy or blue. He answered plainly and gestured to the disciple next to him. The disciple then went on to carry out his order.

The Qingfeng Room was the place to handle all sorts of important matters in the Tianju Hall. It was also a place to bring students to trial if they had conducted serious offenses.

When Gu Xijiu first came into the Qingfeng Room, all her spirit power and internal force in her body were blocked. Even her vital points were sealed. She was forced to kneel. She did not even have the strength to stand up and had to be dragged around like a dead body. She felt so insignificant and negligible; like fine dust.

She returned to the Qingfeng Room again, only this time, The Lord was carrying her. The Lord sat on the grandest seat in the hall while she stayed in the arms of The Lord. All the people fell to their knees. As she looked down at them, she could see rows and rows of people who remained low on the floor.

She closed her eyes faintly and thought to herself that this was the difference between the strong and the weak. Three days ago, she had to kneel and struggle to defend herself, but no one seemed to believe her. Everyone looked at her from a more superior and prominent position as if she was an ant, as they fabricated some fake offenses to humiliate her.

The Lord was carrying her in his arms now, sitting in this highest position. No one dared to say a word. They kneeled on the floor one after another, trembling with fear as if they were about to face a great disaster.

She took a glimpse at them with an icy look around the rows of people who were now kneeling. She would remember this scenario by heart.

Who would bother to listen to the defense of an ant? No matter which world she was in, the world always favored the ones with greater strength.

Stronger! She had to become stronger!

Sooner or later, she would become the stronger one and rule the world. When Gu Xijiu first came into this world, she only planned to live a good life. Waywardly and unrestrainedly, she wanted to travel the world and become an idler who was untrammeled and uncommitted. However, now she yearned to become the strongest person in this world, strong enough to be on equal footing with The Lord.

She was shocked by such a thought. Was it possible to be on equal footing with The Lord? She lifted her head inadvertently. She first saw the jaw that was slightly visible under the mask. Then, she saw the eyes that were shimmering brightly.

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