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If a student from the Tianju Hall got bullied outside, he would go and find the person who bullied his student to teach them a lesson.

According to him, he could torture his students in the Tianju Hall because after all, he did it for their own good so that they would have a good future. However, he would never let his students get bullied outside of the Tianju Hall. Therefore, Gu Xijiu believed that he would not kill two of his students just to expel her from the school.

Was it Yun Qingluo? The two students possessed good martial arts and were relatively strong as a team. Yun Qingluo might not have the ability to kill both of them together.

Based on what the coroner said, the two men were killed from the front. It was impossible for Yun Qingluo to do so because she was not capable of doing so yet.

So who was the culprit? Who was the one who had so much hatred for her and wanted her to be dead? This trap was clearly set for her, but she could not think of anyone who would do so.

Everyone, she could think of had been reasoned out of the picture. Although it was quite torturing at this place, she was not worried about her wellbeing. After all, she was the disciple of The Lord. No matter how dissatisfied Gu Canmo was with her, he dared not to put her to death before he got the approval from The Lord.

It was extremely difficult to see The Lord, so Gu Xijiu predicted that it would take two to three months for Gu Canmo to pa.s.s the message to him.

So at the moment, she was safe from being punished to death. She was worried about the big mussel though. It was caught by the discipline gurus and was treated as the murderer in this scenario. Would it be killed as punishment?

She had been joking about stewing the big mussel as soup, but now she was worried that it would become a reality. She could only scream to hope to convince them, "The big mussel is innocent! I don't believe that it killed the two men! You guys cannot hurt it. If anything happened to it, I will risk my life to fight with all of you until the end!"

No one cared about her. There was not even a window in her jail so she did not know if there was anyone outside who could hear her. Her spiritual power and her mobility had been sealed. When she screamed, she could not use her internal force but only the throat. She was almost hoa.r.s.e after a while.

"Master, don't shout anymore. There is no one outside, and they can't hear you." Finally, the Firmament Stone stopped her.

Gu Xijiu felt despaired.

Although the big mussel had a hard sh.e.l.l, its body was soft and delicate. Sometimes when she unintentionally poked its body, it would shout in pain. Only its sh.e.l.l could protect it from injury. Once the sh.e.l.l was opened, it would be very vulnerable.

She recalled that when the big mussel was caught, its sh.e.l.l was stabbed by a sword, so the baby inside the sh.e.l.l was crying loudly.

"Firmament Stone, do you think they will kill the big mussel? I feel that I can hear the cries of the big mussel!" Gu Xijiu had been imprisoned for a day and a night now. Her limbs had no feeling anymore, and she had been a little bit groggy.

She tried her best not to sleep, but she was too exhausted. When she woke up, she realized that there was still only her in prison and not even a single mouse to accompany her.

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