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Rong Che looked very polite and always showed his good side in front of people. However, he would never allow anyone to take advantage of him. Once someone provoked him, he would mercilessly get back at them.

However, Qian Lingyu was still a teenager, so he did not understand and asked, "What are the differences?"

Rong Che did not continue to speak. Perhaps, he thought that it was not right to argue with a kid. Thus, he laughed and handed him a gla.s.s of wine, "Nice to meet you. Let’s drink."

Gu Xijiu said, "Well, he is still young, so we'd better not let him drink. Also, there is a rule in the school that formal student should not drink."

Rong Che was a cautious person. He immediately caught the other point of her sentence, "Formal student? Xijiu, are you not a formal student yet?"

"She is not qualified yet. The princ.i.p.al only allows her to sit in the cla.s.s. If she can't pa.s.s the test after six months, she would be expelled from the Tianju Hall." Qian Lingyu told the truth. Obviously, everyone in the Tianju Hall had heard her news.

Rong Che’s smile disappeared, "Xijiu, how could they treat you like this?"

Gu Xijiu did not want her friend to worry about her, "It is alright. As long as I can still attend the cla.s.s, it should not be a problem for me to be a formal student in six months."

Rong Che looked at her shining eyes. He smiled and said, "Xijiu, I believe in you! You will be the best student in the Tianju Hall. Cheers!" He raised his wine gla.s.s to her.

Qian Lingyu also took a gla.s.s and poured himself some wine, "I also want to cheers to her."

"I thought you should not drink under the rule?" Gu Xijiu asked him.

"Screw it. I never comply with the school rules. Come, let’s cheers!"

Three of them drank wine while eating some grilled meat. It was a pretty fun session.

The big mussel also came near to them, and it secretly took out a bowl and asked for wine.

Rong Che poured wine into it, and it immediately drank it all down. After a while, it was drunk and pa.s.sed out.

As for Lu Wu, it was fed by the big mussel with a few mouthful of wine. Its purple fur turned red, and it directly lied on the floor and fell asleep. When the Wind Caller saw it, it picked Lu Wu up and put it into its pouch.

The weather became colder and windy.

Rong Che stood up, "Xijiu, where do you stay? I can send you back."

Gu Xijiu pointed at a green stone house not far away, "I stay at the house over there. It is very near, so you don’t have to send me back."

Although it was dark in the night, Rong Che had amazing eyesight. When he saw the house, he frowned, "How can they let you stay in such a lousy place…?"

Qian Lingyu laughed, "This house is built by us. It was originally an abandoned plot of land."

Rong Che remained silent.

He did not speak but directly pulled Gu Xijiu's hand, "Let’s go, I want to see."

"Hey! Men and women are not supposed to have intimate relations here!" Qian Lingyu was not happy when he saw them holding hands and shouted.

However, Rong Che did not care about him. He pulled Gu Xijiu and headed to the house.

Qian Lingyu was stunned for a moment. He did not give up, and he still wanted to bring something for Gu Xijiu, so he followed them to the house.

When he entered the house, he was startled. The eighth prince who looked gentle and polite was now hastily taking things out of his storage bag. There was a rosewood bed with a blue drape, and on the drape, there was a painting with mountains and a lake with lotus on it.

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