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Chapter 484: I’ll Make Sure That They Regret Treating Me Badly!
Di Fuyi was not surprised, "If she could not shine with her abilities then she would not be a heavenly gifted disciple."

Mu Feng sighed, "Then, the treatment Miss Gu get will be opposite from Yun Qingluo’s…"

Di Fuyi kept silent for a moment, "How did Gu Xijiu respond?"

"She didn't have any response. This lady is good at keeping herself calm. Gu Canmo probably wanted to enrage her or make her quit herself by embarra.s.sing her, but she didn't have any special reaction at all. She was so calm that her face did not turn red nor did her heart beat faster. She replied Gu Canmo with just a sentence that almost infuriated him!"

"What was it?" Di Fuyi was interested.

"She said that she is sent by The Lord. You didn't see Gu Canmo’s face; he was seriously infuriated…"

Di Fuyi could not help but laugh. Little Xijiu got better at enraging others indeed.

"Lord, I’m afraid that Gu Canmo would angrily plot against Miss Gu. As what Gu Canmo said, an observer is required to partic.i.p.ate in cruel training which could be dangerous and life-threatening. And he is not going to take any responsibility if she dies…"

"She won't die… Gu Canmo would regret if he let that happen…" Di Fuyi smirked.

"Lord, what did you say?" Mu Feng did not hear clearly.

"I said you can come back!"

Mu Feng, "…"


At a stony hill.

The weeds were of knee-height and the stones with irregular in shape and size. There were pieces of wood scattered around the desolate place.

"Miss Gu, from now onwards this place is where you rest." The boy leading the way said to Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu frowned while looking at the nearby buildings and looked back at where they were, "Are you sure you’re right? How can this place accommodate anyone?"

"Our President Gu said that we have limited rooms at Tianju Hall and they are prepared for official students only. Therefore, observers must build their own houses. Miss Gu, be satisfied with what you have as our president at least gave you a piece of land. You should know that our Tianju Hall’s land is very precious so we could not afford to waste any." Another boy said.

The young faces of the two boys could not hide their disdain, and they walked away as soon as they finished talking.

From afar, she could still hear their conversation.

"How can an unofficial student want to live in a beautiful room? Does she think that it’s the Feixing Kingdom here?"

"That’s right; I hate unofficial students…"

The two kids gradually went further and then quickly disappeared.

The mussel was so furious that it almost could not suppress its anger, "Master, shall I let them enter my Mirage Illusion? I want to consume them all for being sn.o.bs!"

"Choo-woo, Choo-woo!" Lu Wu also jumped out with its eyes so round like it was furious.

Gu Xijiu held on the mussel's sh.e.l.l, "Don't, everyone other than the boy attendants here has a minimum spiritual power of level seven. Are you sure that you can make them fall into your Mirage Illusion?"

"How would I know without trying?" The mussel was not convinced.

"Forget about it. Just make sure that they don’t survive from your Mirage Illusion and stew you." Gu Xijiu stopped it from continuing.

"Master, I think you are inspiring others by despising yourself…" The mussel complained.

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips, "Mussel, do you know that we can only kill a snake by striking its jugular? We shouldn't be foolish. I’ll make sure that they regret treating me badly!"

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