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Chapter 480: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During Th
It was rare for Di Fuyi to be stunned! His face was so dark when he got what the b.a.s.t.a.r.d meant! He let out a sarcastic smile, "Excellent!" And gave a flying kick which sent Mu Lei into the lake!

Mu Lei slumped into the water and sunk together with The Lord’s words, "Go and calm yourself in the water! And wash your brain!"
It was a ma.s.sive kick, and Mu Lei had struggled quite sometimes to come out from the water.

He finally understood that he had misunderstood The Lord. He felt relieved but guilty. Without the permission of The Lord, he did not dare to go up to the sh.o.r.e, "The Lord… I know I'm wrong."

Di Fuyi took a seat and looked at him coldly, "Are you awake?"

"Yes! I’m such a jerk! Please punish me."

"Get up here!"

Therefore, Mu Lei carefully walked up to the sh.o.r.e and cleaned himself. After that, he knelt down again, "Please punish me."

Di Fuyi was lazy to talk nonsense with him, "Help me to get something done and I will spare you if you do a good job. Otherwise, I'll demote you to the club to be a waiter!"

The punishment was so horrible!

Mu Lei was shivered and said, "I’ll try my best to complete the task!"

"Help me investigate whether the wizardry barrier in the sixth peak has been destroyed, and then check the fighting footprints in the third peak and see if any poisonous corpse was there. Report directly to me after that!"

"Yes!" Mu Lei immediately responded and departed.

Two hours later, Mu Lei used his jade card to contact Di Fuyi via the vintage mirror, "The Lord, there was indeed a hole on the wizardry barrier at the Southwest part of the sixth peak. It is big enough for a person to pa.s.s through…"

"Possible to check what kind of Kung Fu was used to destroy it?"

Mu Lei pondered and said, "I'm sorry, I'm useless. I can't tell." Mu Lei decided to show the scene to Di Fuyi by using his jade card.

Di Fuyi frowned as he saw the damages.

He knew his wizardry barrier well, and it was not something Long Siye or any other person could destroy easily. Even if they could open a hole, Di Fuyi should have known. It did not look like a new hole. It was probably at least a month old! But how could he not know?

The person who destroyed it must be a powerful person, so who was he/she?

Two hours later, Mu Lei reported again, "The Lord, there was an intense fight at the Bone Dissolving Stream which is located between the third and fourth peak! I recognize the impact of Long Siye's Fire Lotus skill. His skill has improved significantly and looks like it has reached level nine!"

Di Fuyi remained silent.

He knew Long Siye’s Kung Fu well. Long Siye was good at wooden spiritual power, and his power has reached level nine. However, fire spiritual power was his elective spiritual power, and it was only level six. It seemed to have reached level nine was because Gu Xijiu was helping him.

Gu Xijiu was good at fire spiritual power, and the wind helps to strengthen the fire. There was practically nothing that could escape a level nine’s fire. Even the poisonous corpses had been burnt into ashes with nothing left to prove their existence!

Gu Xijiu’s image seemed to have flashed across Di Fuyi's mind. His heart was pounding in his chest as he recalled the kiss earlier as well as the warm body in his arms. His blood was boiling again.

Di Fuyi clenched his fists again!

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