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The mussel dared not speak anymore and quickly closed its sh.e.l.l.

Gu Xijiu was leaning against the wall in the cabin. She closed her eyes to restore her energy, but her heart was still beating as fast as it was just now.

Did she dream of what she had thought of during the day?

Was it possible? How could she think about those things with him?

She did not have any dirty dream before even though she loved Long Xi. Despite having dreamed about him, it was very normal dreams like conducting missions together. She had never had any dirty dream about him before.

She was trying to avoid Di Fuyi and tried to escape from him as she felt insecure about his unpredictable emotions. She had suffered from heartbreak once and decided not to expect anything from a relationship anymore. So how could she fall for Di Fuyi?

Although he was strong and well-known and loved by the public, he was too mysterious, and she did not want to have too many interactions with him. He argued with her and insisted on leaving; she felt empty and sad in a way which she did not know how to explain.

Those feelings had never happened in her life while she was together with Long Xi. Long Xi made her feel secure and calm; he was her emotional pillar.

In contrast, the feeling Di Fuyi gave her was like riding a wave. It was as though the moon was reflected on the surface of the water, charming but mysterious! In fact, the water was rippling at the bottom of the sea, and she had no idea when the wave would engulf her! Subconsciously, she sensed the danger and wanted to escape.


She always felt strange after the termination of their engagement, but she also felt relieved in some way. He did not seem to love her and acted like a playboy.

He was a great person who suddenly found an interesting weirdo and wanted to tease her! He was probably just curious about her instead of being in love with her. Otherwise, he would not let go so easily.

Perhaps, he thought she could never be obedient. Hence, he quickly agreed to the terminate the engagement when she requested. In fact, Gu Xijiu wanted to see him and have a talk after she escaped from the Dark Forest. She did not like to be the submissive party and wanted more says in the decision making. Same goes for the engagement; she did not even think carefully whether she wanted to cancel their engagement. However, the arrival of Mu Feng was as though he was there to force her to agree to the cancellation.

And now that the engagement was terminated, she had no relationship with him anymore; they would probably be strangers to each other if they happen to see each other again. She was not sure how important he was in her heart, but she never thought that she would have a dirty dream about him!

Although she felt that her soul has detached from her body in the dream, she did not think that was the case when she woke up; it was just a dream!

It must be because the mussel had shown her Di Fuyi’s naked body before and she had a phobia which caused her to peep at him at the lake.

Based on Di Fuyi's personalities, it was impossible for him to swim with a naked body in such a fancy lotus platform!

She suddenly slapped the mussel and cursed, "You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! It’s all your fault!"

The mussel was wrong to expose her innocent mind to such things, but it was confused by her actions, "Huh?"


Di Fuyi was watching the scene in the cabin via the mirror. Initially, he was laughing. But then later he placed his arms in front of his chest to carefully watch the interaction between the human and the mussel. He felt that something was wrong as he continued listening.

"Long Siye found her? And they fought enemies together? Poisonous corpse? What happened?" Questions blazed through his mind.

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