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It was not an open air platform but a layer of transparent gla.s.s hanging above the platform, as though it was covered by a huge gla.s.s lid.

In fact, it was in the evening and outside the gla.s.s lid was an orange sky decked by a beautiful sunset.

However, looking up from the high platform, there was a dark blue sky with plenty of stars shining.


Di Fuyi was standing on the high platform. As usual, he was wearing the moonlight white robe and a spell hovered around as he moved. He raised his head and looked at the countless stars dotting the sky as though deep in thoughts.

Looking at him from afar, his silhouette looked slightly lonely.

Suddenly, something at his waist glowed. He took out a vintage mirror and tapped on it.

An image of a young lady’s portrait appeared in the mirror. She had long black hair, her eyelashes were long and her features were beautiful. She looked young like a 14 or 15 year old. She was as pretty as a blossoming flower.

That was Gu Xijiu!

She was leaning against the wall in the carriage with her eyes closed. She was asleep. She looked exhausted as there were two dark circles around her eyes and the birthmark which almost disappeared has been darkened again. Her lips were pale, like a flower that barely survived a rainstorm.

Perhaps, she could finally take a good rest. Her features looked slightly gentler; less ferocious when she was asleep. Sometimes, she even looked weak and deserved some love and protection.

Di Fuiyi looked at her with a complicated expression. His gaze was scanning her body inch by inch, as though examining her with an X-Ray…

A moment later, he moved his gaze away and tapped on the mirror again. Gu Xijiu’s image was gone and Messenger Jiangshan appeared in the mirror.

Messenger Jiangshan was accelerating the carriage, that was the reason his image was shaking in the mirror, "The Lord, I think she is not feeling well. I realized her hands were very cold when I went to the tea stall to terminate the engagement as Mu Feng. She looked unwell as though she was just trying to pretend she was fine…"

"She touched her hands?" Di Fuyi asked with a mild tone.

Messenger Jiangshan suddenly shivered and quickly explained, "I’m sorry Lord, I accidentally touched her hand while I handed the engagement termination doc.u.ment to her…"

Di Fuyi blinked his eyes slightly, "Did she sign it? Did she asked anything?

"No, nothing. She just signed it after I had finished explaining the terms and conditions."


Di Fuyi’s eyes looked downward, and the edge of his lips curved upwards.

Messenger Jiangshan immediately shivered again and said, "Lord, are her injuries serious?"

"She was poisoned but she is not in danger now. There are still some poisonous residues in her lungs, hence, she looked pale…" Di Fuyi told him about Gu Xijiu’s condition.

Messenger Jiangshan paid full respect, as his master was really the best physician! His skill was unbeatable as he could see the symptoms of the patient with only a mirror, even the number one physician (Long Siye) in the Starry Crescent Land could not do it…

"Lord, what kind of treatment does she need?"

Di Fuyi was idling for a short while and remained silent.

Messenger Jiangshan (Mu Feng) did not dare pressure him. Finally, Di Fuyi spoke, "Put the jade into her right hand."

"Yes!" Mu Feng did not dare delay any further. He quickly released his jade; it flew into the cabin and landed on Gu Xijiu’s half-opened-palm. Gu Xijiu who was sleeping was holding it…

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