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Gu Xijiu stared at it.

Did it ask on purpose? It had transformed into Long Siye in the illusion before to confuse her and now it pretended not to know him.

The big mussel seemed to realize something, "Master, my mirage poison can make people fall into an illusion and what appears in the illusion is the weak point of the person. It could only be seen by the person who is trapped in it. Actually, I can't see it. Only when the person is trapped by their own weak point, I can take the advantage to go in and eat the person. However, I can't see what the weakness is itself."

Was it true?

Gu Xijiu was skeptical.

The big mussel went near to her, "Master, I will not lie to you. What you have seen was your sore point and something that you are interested in…"

Were they all her weak points?

Did it mean was she interested to see Di Fuyi's naked body?

No, it was not the case. How could she be interested in the naked body of Di Fuyi?!

The image of Di Fuyi, as well as the words he said before, had appeared in her mind…

She immediately paused her thoughts and kept the image of Di Fuyi deep inside her mind.

"Master, so who is he?" The big mussel insisted to ask.

"He is the Overlord of Tianwen clan, Long Siye."

The big mussel opened its sh.e.l.l, "Is he Long Siye? I have eaten a few disciples of his!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

The big mussel continued to say, "All of his disciples said their master would take revenge for them before they died and told me the name of their master. I have always wanted to meet this guy. I never expect that I will meet him like this today. I've always thought that he is an old man and never knew that he was so young and good looking like Celestial Master Zuo…"

Gu Xijiu remained silent and let it chatter on.

"Master, is Long Siye your weak point? You seem very upset and frustrated now. I am very curious about that. He seemed to be a gentleman and he had put all his effort in to save you. In addition, you guys are very well-coordinated when you were fighting with the enemy. I think that you guys are very compatible, just like a couple. Was there any misunderstandings between you both? I think you should talk to him about that…"

Gu Xijiu still remained silent.

"Master, the pill that he gave you should be a medicine to replenish your energy. He is sincere to you, without any ulterior motives."

Gu Xijiu had finally ran out of patience. She took out her sword and pointed at it, "Have you finished your words? If you don’t shut up, I will cut you and turn you into soup!"

The big mussel quickly slammed its sh.e.l.l shut and did not dare to talk any further.

Finally, the surroundings were quiet and Gu Xijiu got to meditate properly.

Yes, she knew that the pill given by Long Siye was good for her. However, she could never trust him anymore. She needed to be alert whenever she met him.

She even had a.s.sumptions that the two poisonous corpses were probably created by him so that he could be appear to be the hero who rescued her from danger.

If she did not see that he almost died under the claws of the two poisonous corpses, she would still doubt that he was the person behind the poisonous corpses.

It seemed like Long Siye had been injured badly this time and his ability had been weakened.

However, he was still alright six months ago when she left him. During this period, Gu Xijiu heard that he was retreating in his own clan. He was supposed to have increased his spiritual power after the retreat, not have it greatly reduced.

Was he deliberately being weak in front of her? Or was he too exhausted after trying to resurrect Ye Hongfeng?

Had Ye Hongfeng come back to life?"

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