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It seemed like something was wriggling out of it and that the hole was getting bigger.

Gu Xijiu wondered if the wind caller had the same function as a kangaroo, where its abdomen had a pouch to carry its young.

The wind caller also seemed to be aware of it as it quickly covered the hole with its fore hoof.

But before it could do that, a purple light shot out from its pouch…

Gu Xijiu was stunned, as she wondered what it was.

Meanwhile, Si Chen pulled her backwards, "It's a level eight mythological beast! Its pouch is actually carrying a level eight mythological beast!"

Gu Xijiu widened her eyes but before she could respond, the mussel behind them suddenly opened its sh.e.l.l to get the two of them in before closing it tightly back. It then drilled immediately into the earth while explaining in an urgent tone, "Master, a new born of a level eight mythological beast requires a blood sacrifice! You all mustn’t end up being its food! Quickly escape!"

The mussel was good in drilling. Furthermore, it used a lot of energy to save themselves and thus, it managed to drill a large hole in a blink of an eye and disappeared from the ground.

The wind caller was shocked and was looking at its own pouch.

Because of the bright purple light shooting up into the sky, its eyes were not able to adapt. It moaned in response.

As it was only a level five beast, it was instinctively afraid of the level eight beast. Therefore, the purple light frightened it that it crouched down, not daring to even move.

With an undulation on its pouch, an egg which radiated purple light bounced out.

The wind caller was stupefied.

The wind caller was oviparous and an egg would need to be nurtured in the pouch for two years before it could hatch.

Though the wind caller laid an egg three years ago, it lost it in a fight and finally managed to find the egg after it searched eight times at the same spot.

At that time, it somehow felt that the egg was larger and darker but it thought it was different probably because of the effects of falling out from its pouch. It was very excited when it found the egg, so it carefully put the egg back into its pouch. Also, because it learned previously, it became more protective of the egg when it fought. It thought the egg would hatch in two years but it did not, even after three years. And the egg’s color did not change too, it was still yellow and slightly reddish.

The windcaller felt a slight change in its egg and had signs of hatching only today. Therefore, it was delighted and was also more alert while crouching in its nest.

Yet, it did not expect to have met Dao Qingyang and his people…

With the help of Gu Xijiu, it was finally safe and its baby was about to be welcomed to the world, but the egg radiated a purple light instead…

The egg of level eight beast!

It was the egg of level eight beast!

The wind caller stared at the egg but it dared not move at all.

The egg rolled onto the ground and suddenly stopped radiating the purple light, but a vague golden light and a strong fragrance emitted from its sh.e.l.l, permeating the air…


Deep underground...

The mussel told Gu Xijiu with a shudder, "Master, hatching the egg of a level eight beast will require absorbtion of a large amount of blood, lest it will not hatch. Fortunately, I’m smart enough to realize it and brought you all away or you all will be eaten alive by the egg…"

Gu Xijiu looked upwards but she only saw a golden light shining, because they were too deep underground.

Golden light? Was it not the radiance of a level five beast?

When she was wondering, she smelled something good; so good that it was mouth-watering.

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