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Chapter 431: Doubt 2
Si Chen had a pair of crescent eyes, he drew closer to her and answered her question, "Yeah, I know quite a lot. Do you admire me?"

Gu Xijiu pushed his handsome face away, "You overthink!"

Si Chen pulled her and sat down, "You seem to have many questions. Anyway, I’m in a good mood today; you can ask anything you want."

Gu Xijiu moved a little and kept a distance from him. Si Chen was like a Chinese herbal sticky pad and just kept sticking to her.

She could always smell a mild fragrance from him; the odor smells like herbs and flower. The fragrance reminded Gu Xijiu of Di Fuyi as he had a similar odor! However, although both of their odors were different, Gu Xijiu felt it originated from the same source.
Just like a different model of Chanel's perfume.

Most of the rich people in that dynasty liked to use incense; even Rong Yan used it. Since Di Fuyi was a n.o.ble person; his incense must be a limited edition. However, Gu Xijiu did smell it from Rong Jialuo as well. Later, she did not smell the same fragrance from Rong Jialuo anymore. But perhaps it was because she did not focus on it as it was sufficient to identify people by recognizing their appearance, why would she need to identify them based on the fragrance?

And now, she coincidentally smelled the same fragrance from Si Chen, that aroma had a comforting effect which was able to promote concentration. No matter how tired a person is, it could keep them conscious to react accurately.

"What kind of incense are you using?" Gu Xijiu decided to ask. She would not mind making one if it was possible for her to do so.

Si Chen was surprised, "You can smell the fragrance?"

Gu Xijiu frowned, "Why not? My nose is still working."

"You nose is amazing. Who else have you smelled before?"

Gu Xijiu found it strange for him to ask that. "I have smelled a lot of people. I can smell anyone who comes near to me."

"Then, how about Celestial Master Zuo?"

"Of course I did." Gu Xijiu answered.

"What kind of aroma is that?"

"A very special fragrance..." Gu Xijiu simply answered and told him the highlights of the fragrance, "Although the fragrance is very special, someone else had it too. I smelled it from Rong Jialuo before, oh ya, and also from a jade sculpture..."

Si Chen remained silent, but his eyeb.a.l.l.s were moving while he stared at Gu Xijiu.

"Hey, don't avoid my question. What kind of incense are you using?" Gu Xijiu still remembered her question.

Si Chen sighed, "This is my customized secret recipe, I haven't named it. Why don't you name it for me then?"

Wow! He made it by himself; she did not expect he was a specialist.

Gu Xijiu tried to figure out a name and said, "Refreshing incense? Herbal incense?"

Si Chen was speechless for a moment. "I feel the fragrance is so special and it deserves a nice name. The names you suggested are too generic and normal, give me a better one."

Gu Xijiu disagreed, "The objective to name a product is to differentiate it. But most importantly it is so that people can identify its function and purpose in a short time, why do you need a unique name?!"

An idea just crept into her mind, "Oh ya! I have an elegant name. Since the fragrance helps to refresh our minds and can keep us fresh even when we fall asleep, shall we name it as 'The Dawn's Call'?

Si Chen repeated her suggestion, "The Dawn's Call?"

"Yea! The name suits the function of your incense and it's so elegant! Why not?"  

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