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Chapter 423: Under Control 2
"Absolutely not! Once I acknowledge you as my master, I will be loyal to you," pledged the mussel, in all sincerity.

Obviously, Gu Xijiu was not impressed, "Words alone are no proof."

She scratched its sh.e.l.l lightly with the tip of her sword, "You’re a cunning creature. I have to take precautions against you, so I think it’s best if I just make you into soup."

"I can build a Blood Agreement with you!" The mussel was distressed, so it had no alternative but to suggest the ultimate resort.

Gu Xijiu was aware of the Blood Agreement, where the majestic being would offer its blood as an offer to build an agreement with the human to submit itself, tying its fate altogether with the fate its master.

If its master died, it died. If its master were injured, it would be injured. However, if the majestic being were hurt or even dead, its master would only sense it.

The Blood Agreement was extremely unfair to the majestic beings - it was indeed a treaty of surrender and humiliation. Therefore, a majestic being would not agree to it with a human unless out of absolute necessity.

Apparently, the lifespan of a majestic being was generally very long, as they could easily live up to thousands of years. As for ordinary human beings, the lifespan was so short that their lives could not even reach a hundred years.

If a Blood Agreement existed, it would be such a great injustice to the life of the majestic beings.

Therefore, there was a more humane rule. It was stated that if the aged human being died ordinarily and agreed to discharge the contract with the majestic being before pa.s.sing away, the Blood Agreement would be removed and the majestic being would regain its freedom.

Such rule would only apply to the premise of death due to aging, not accident. Thus, the majestic beings had to protect their masters carefully, like a hen protecting its flock of chicks. They had to risk their lives in resistance to protect their masters in dangerous times.

The mussel would only propose that out of immense desperation. It felt as though it was. .h.i.tting a new low.

The little girl in front of it only possessed a level five spiritual power. She should have been easily shattered like an eggsh.e.l.l. Putting its fate in her hands was as though dancing at the edge of a cliff on the point of a sword – the danger was not ordinary.

It thought that she would agree to its proposal immediately. Instead, she thought about it for a long while, "The first majestic being that I’ve collected happens to be a mussel, isn’t it humiliating if I bring it out with me?"

The mussel felt humiliated.

"Ah Sheng, the mussel is not bad, you can consider it as a lucky gift," said Si Chen, persuasively.

Gu Xijiu looked at the size of the mussel and started contemplating, "It’s quite ma.s.sive, it’ll be inconvenient to keep up."

The mussel did not expect to be humiliated to such an extent and was completely engaged in a fury. It did not say a word and transformed abruptly. Gu Xijiu's eyes were blurred for a moment. Suddenly, the mussel that had always been there disappeared; instead, a strong and well-knit man appeared to replace it.

The man was muscular and able-bodied. He stood there valiantly and spiritedly. The air was filled with a strong rush of male hormones. More importantly, he was all-naked, and there was not a strip of fabric on his body.

Gu Xijiu widened her eyes in disbelief. Before she could take a closer look at the face of the man, a strip of soft cloth blurred her vision and covered up her eyes. She then heard a scream from the mussel as though a cat's tail had just been stepped on.

When she took off the blindfold that had her eyes covered, the man had already disappeared.

The mussel had returned to its original state. It trembled within its sh.e.l.l, "You, you, you…"

"What about me?" Si Chen looked down at it, "It was an offense against decency! I didn’t expect you, this broken mussel, to behave like a hooligan and take liberties with a lady!"

He held a shiny black sword in his hands and lightly scratched its sh.e.l.l with the tip.

Apparently, the sword was some superior weapon, as a soft scratch with his sword was enough to carve a deep wound.

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