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Chapter 415: Will You Leave Me Alone 2
He looked around and suddenly realized something. He squinted his eyes and made a spell on his finger. After a while, he cast the spell and a colorful light emerged from his finger and directly shot into the distance. It was initially dark, but now under the vivid light, it seemed to have brightened the place with waves of ripples around.

Si Chen’s facial expression changed slightly when he studied his surroundings. It was a poisonous mirage mirror! There was mirage mussel in the deep sea. Inside the mirage mussel, there was mirage crystal. When the mussel opened its sh.e.l.l, the light from the mirage crystal would shine and create a beautiful scene.

In this Dark Forest, there was a kind of mirage mussel too. It did not have the colorful crystal in it. However, when the mussel opened its sh.e.l.l, it would issue a dark mist which made people trapped in a fantasy. It was not a beautiful fantasy but a nightmare. Once the person gets lost in the dream, then the mirage mussel would start to eat the person.


Gu Xijiu’s wishful thinking had failed.

Even when she teleported up to 120 meters in height, she was still surrounded by darkness. She could not even step on something intact and quickly fell again.

Since she was mentally prepared, she immediately teleported down again. According to her precise calculations, she was supposed to land back at the original location. However, after she landed, she could not see Si Chen who was supposed to be doing meditation!

She was panicked and came back and forth to look for him, but she could not find anything. It was strange. She only took half a minute to go back and forth. How could he be missing in such a short time?
Could it be that he had been eaten by some beast?

She shouted a few times, but there was no reply. It was only her in the vast s.p.a.ce. The surrounding was so quiet that she could hear her breathing. The stillness was deafening as if she was the only one in the universe.

This place was dark. The torch that was lit up by Gu Xijiu could only help her see half a meter radius into the surrounding. She did not bring too many flames with her, so she did not want to waste them at first. However, she could not care much now.

She held the torch and walked around again but still did not see Si Chen. Of course, she did not see any walls either. What the h.e.l.l was this place?!

Gu Xijiu was a bit frustrated and started to ask the Firmament Stone.
It seemed like it had fallen asleep and did not give her any response.
How could it malfunction at such a critical time!?

At this time, the torch went out, and she was surrounded by darkness again. Suddenly, she seemed to have realized something. She paused for a moment, and her heartbeat quickened. There was something behind her. Something big and fierce! She suddenly felt a sharp wind behind her.

Gu Xijiu quickly teleported 30 feet in front!

"Bang!" she heard a loud noise behind her as if there were two doors slammed into each other.

Gu Xijiu did not look back and teleported several feet further again before turning back. Before she could see the thing clearly, there was a dark shadow like a small house that rushed towards her.

Gu Xijiu quickly reacted and fought back.

This was not a small thing, so it was not flexible enough. There were a few times when Gu Xijiu’s sword stabbed on it and it issued some "clang clang" sounds like a bell…

What was this thing?!

Because it was too dark, Gu Xijiu took around 15 minutes to fight with it but still could not see its real face. She could not even see if this thing had eyes…

After fighting for a while, Gu Xijiu could finally guess what this thing was – a giant mussel!

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