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Chapter 409: Big Burden 4
The creature had a ma.s.sive body but moved as though it was as light as a feather. It collided with everything, and the entire battlefield could see its violent actions. On the other hand, Gu Xijiu was like a boat that sailed in the middle of the sea. The whole battle looked extremely thrilling!

Si Chen was standing at the side watching her fight. He seemed relaxed, but his fingers secretly made a spell. He was tall and thin and looked like a soft scholar. The beasts that surrounded him thought that he could be bullied, thus, they tried to go near to him and wanted to hunt him. However, when they just moved, the soft scholar inadvertently stared at them.

This glare was sharp and cold which made these beasts shiver until their scales and fur were up. It was a natural instinctive reaction when they encountered a strong enemy.

The few beasts immediately stepped back. They still felt insecure and stepped a few more steps back again. In the end, they ran away from the place.

Of course, all these were happening quietly. Gu Xijiu and the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede that were fighting intensely did not notice it.
Gu Xijiu was tired at this stage!

It consumed a lot of her strength to fight continuously. Her back was in pain, her legs were cramped, and her arms were tingling as though it did not belong to her anymore.

During this intense battle, she occasionally looked at Si Chen. He knew how to hide in a very safe place. The place where he stood would not be impacted by the intense fight on the battlefield and would not be noticed by the surrounding beasts.

If she teleported now to escape, it should be okay to leave Si Chen alone here. Just when she thought about it, Si Chen, who stood on a big rock before, suddenly screamed and fell from the boulder.

Gu Xijiu was distracted and was nearly killed by the tail of the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede. She did not dare to get distracted anymore but she was extremely anxious!

To stay focused, she immediately discarded the thought of escaping.
She could vaguely see that Si Chen already sat up awkwardly, but his face was pale. Apparently, he had been poisoned.

Some of the beasts were tempted to eat this free meal. Two yellow-green skinned fierce tigers directly pounced on him.

"Help! Help!" He kept shouting as he jumped left and right to dodge the attack from the tigers. There were a few times when the claws of the tigers almost swiped its head. It looked extremely dangerous.

Gu Xijiu could not help him at the moment as she was also stretched fighting with the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede. But people could usually extend their full potential in a desperate situation. Especially in the fight that Gu Xijiu was having now. When she was stretched to this extent, it activated the spiritual power in her body. The spiritual power flowed extremely fast in her body until she could use it to fight with the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede. The more she fought, the more powerful she was.

When she noticed that Si Chen's situation was getting dangerous, she was very anxious until she felt some airflow inside her body. It felt the acupuncture point was unblocked and a pink light flashed from her body. Unexpectedly she had been upgraded to level five during the fight!

Her exhausted body was now re-energized and her tired arms and legs were now flexible and full of strength again!

The sword in her palm could now cut through the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede's throat. Although it would not take its life, at least she injuree it now. The centipede screamed shrilly and became even more violent under the pain!

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