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It was the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede! She did not expect that these two creatures would find her! With just a blink of an eye, two of them appeared.

In the dark forest, the 12 eyes of the two centipedes were like eerie searchlights, staring both at Gu Xijiu and Mr. Si Chen! Moreover, the scales of their whole body gradually stood up. It was their way of preparing to attack!

Gu Xijiu took a step backward, looked at the stream, and then the two killer centipedes, wondering whether the two would cross the 300 feet-wide river.

As soon as she thought of this, the two killer centipedes hissed, and launched themselves with their tail into the sky! They flew over the river towards their direction like two colorful rainbows!

d.a.m.n it!

When Gu Xijiu was about to react, Mr. Si Chen who was nearby suddenly rushed to her and held on her arm, "Let’s go, quick!"

Gu Xijiu was shocked as he hugged her, but she could not care about this at the moment. Before the two monsters got them, she quickly teleported towards the inner part of the forest while carrying Mr. Si Chen. Simultaneously, the two killer centipedes also landed at the exact spot where Gu Xijiu stood before teleporting.

They missed and thus, they were furious! They looked at each other, and one of them raised its head to make a long, high-pitched hiss. The hiss was echoing through the dense forest, and after a while, various howling was heard from the inner part of the forest like the ferocious beasts were responding towards the order they received.

After the hiss, the two killer centipedes went into the dense forest to continue their chase.


Gu Xijiu had not expected that the two killer centipedes would be so stubborn and not let her go.

No matter where she teleported to, the two creatures would come to her after a moment! As they were tough to shake off, she had no time to breathe at all.

She felt, even more, trouble this time as Mr. Si Chen, who appeared to be open-hearted, was sticking tightly by her side and did not want to let go of her arm. Therefore, she had no choice but to teleport while bringing him along. It was like carrying a big oil tank.

"Little Xijiu, it’s not a good strategy to continue running. The killer centipedes are very tough, and they will never give up on their prey unless you kill them!" Mr. Si Chen was nagging beside Gu Xijiu.

As Gu Xijiu could not speak while teleporting, she could only reply him breathlessly soon after she finished with each teleportation, "It’s easy to say! These two creatures have no weaknesses. And neither sword nor poison could harm…"

Otherwise, she would have killed them, even before he would nag her.

Because Gu Xijiu had to teleport continuously while dragging a person, she was so tired that her face turned pale. However, that was not her biggest problem right now. She seemed to have inevitably disturbed ferocious beasts’ nests wherever she teleported to, and those creatures were chasing after her now.

As the number of times she teleported increased, the number of ferocious beasts chasing after her increased too.

She kept teleporting while many strange roaring and howling creatures followed after her. It seemed rather horrifying. The bristling and hustling sounds were heard from the surrounding bushes. The scene felt like a little rabbit trespa.s.sed the Jura.s.sic Park mistakenly and was chased by various ferocious dinosaurs. Every second was extremely dangerous!

Gu Xijiu moved her arm which had been hugged by Mr. Si Chen and felt numb and pain as if a thousand catties of things had hit her arm.

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