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"So, I’m considered as your savior. As the saying goes, one shall repay kindness with greater kindness. As saving you is a great kindness, how would you repay me?" The childe was staring at her with his eyes lit up.

Gu Xijiu, "…" Though this man was rather unkind asking for repayment, but he indeed unintendedly saved her this time, and she was now indebted to him…

"I’ll save you once in the future to repay your kindness." Gu Xijiu promised.

"10 times!" The young childe insisted.


Gu Xijiu was confused.

"As I have said, one shall repay kindness with greater kindness. I have saved you once and you should save me 10 times to truly repay me. And yes, you also made me lose my tortoise and you have to pay me back too." The young childe was calculating.

Gu Xijiu repeated, "Your tortoise?" What did it mean?

"I was fishing for a golden tortoise just now and when I just managed to pull out its sh.e.l.l, you stepped on its back, and you broke my fishhook too." The young childe showed her a fishing rod.

It was then that Gu Xijiu remembered that when she almost stepped into the water, she seemed to have stepped on something which saved her feet from being corroded.

She thought she stepped on a piece of wood but it was actually the golden tortoise he caught!

She could not help but look towards the stream. Was the stream water not high in acidity? How could a tortoise live in it?

The stream water was dark blue in color and its waves did not seem unusual.

She picked up a pebble at the bank and threw the pebble in.

"Plop!" The pebble skipped on the water's surface and sank.

Was the stream water ordinary water? Otherwise, why was the pebble not dissolving?

"These pebbles are not common pebbles but the special product of this place. Only they can’t be dissolved in this water. If these pebbles weren't from the area, do you think that they would not dissolve? They would have disintegrated!"

It was indeed the truth!

"What can this stream's water dissolve?" Gu Xijiu asked as she felt that the young childe seemed to know a lot about this place.

"Other than the pebbles here and the golden tortoise in the stream, anything else can be dissolved." The young childe replied while keeping his fishing equipment.

Aside from the fishing rod, he had a strange pail with him too. The container seemed to have something in it as it produced a repeated splashing sound.

"How many golden tortoises you’ve caught?" Gu Xijiu came over and wanted to see how they looked like. But there was nothing other than yellow-green water that could be seen in the pail.

"How many? Did you think I’m fishing for common fishes? It’s challenging to fish for a golden tortoise. You may not even get one in three days. I’ve been fishing here for two days already and finally one bit my bait…" The young childe shook his head and sighed.

Alright, it was indeed her fault.

Gu Xijiu looked at his fishing rod and decided to repay his kindness, "What about I help you to fish? My fishing technique is very good after all."

"You?" The young childe took a glance at her and shook his head, "No, it’s alright. This stream has only four to five golden tortoises and they are like brothers. Once one is almost caught, the rest won’t bite anymore. I think I shall figure out other ways next time."

Gu Xijiu could not believe that the golden tortoises in the stream would be so intelligent! She secretly asked the Firmament Stone, "Little Cang, what’s the characteristics of the golden tortoises here?"

The Firmament Stone was rather droopy, "Master, what the childe said was right. Don’t think of the golden tortoises here anymore; they aren’t tortoises after all. They are transformed turtle chancellors!"

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