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Chapter 394: Honey, So You Are Actually Like This

"Most probably not." Di Fuyi breathed gently, "He’s not stupid and he can’t cross my Wizardry Barrier with the kungfu he knows. He’d just waste his energy if he does. Alright, it’s late now, all of you may go back first, I have something else to do."


Mu Feng and the rest were aware of what was happening. They had been clearing the Dark Forest a few days earlier to drive away all outsiders. Therefore, Gu Xijiu was indeed alone in the Dark Forest.

Unless she came out by herself, n.o.body could enter!

It was the principle of Celestial Master Zuo to be fair and just with every person who receives punishment.

Mu Feng thought that the Lord would treat Gu Xijiu differently but it turned out otherwise.

The Lord was indeed cold-blooded!

All possible chances for anyone to rescue her had been cut off…

Both activities of clearing the forest area and setting up Wizardry Barrier nearby had drained a lot of spiritual power of the Lord. Furthermore, as he was rushing in the recent few days, he was indeed tired. He should be taking a good rest.

Miss Gu, you would have to rely on yourself.

Here's to seeing you again seven days later…

The Lord had disappeared from the ship; n.o.body knew where he was going.

Fortunately, this happened very often, thus, Mu Feng and the rest did not take it seriously. Instead, they skilfully took out Mu Lei whose size was similar to Celestial Master Zuo's, had him changed to Celestial Master Zuo’s robe and mask, leaned against the ship and drove it towards Capital City.


Above the Dark Forest, Di Fuyi was standing in the breeze while looking downwards. The howling of various beasts was heard from the innermost parts of the forest, as if they were being disturbed by something.

Obviously, Gu Xijiu was fighting her way out of the forest.

"Growing up together and going through all the ups and downs together… Honey, so you are actually like this…" The corner of his lips curved slightly as he broke into a smile, "That’s easy then!"

He made a turn in the sky and his tall body suddenly shrank from 1.85 meters to less than 1.8 meters…

His appearance changed a lot too. From a soul-stirring and voluptuous look, he had become elegant and delicate. While wearing a green Confucianist-like robe, he appeared to be like a gentle scholar rushing to Capital City to take on an exam. With a leap, he dived into the Dark Forest silently.


Meanwhile, at a hill outside the Dark Forest, a woman in red was standing in the breeze. As she was wearing a veil, her look was rather mysterious but she was staring towards the direction of the Dark Forest, with rather pale lips.

"President, we seriously can’t enter!" Two young women in green flew over and reported with a bow, "The people of Fucang Palace are especially strict this time and the boundary they set up is much stronger than any other time. All routes have been shut down; people can only come out but not enter, our spy who had been hiding in the forest had been driven out too."

The woman in red grasped her fingers tightly, "I should have waited inside a day before."

The young woman in green shook her head, "President, I’m sorry to say something disrespectful but, even if you entered, you would be driven out of the Dark Forest today too. Our people saw personally that a hider with a level seven spiritual power being driven out too. It is said that other than those who have been living in the Dark Forest for at least five years, the rest can never escape from being tracked down by the people from Fucang Palace…"

The woman in red furrowed her brows, "It seems that Xijiu has to fight her way out herself now. Her spiritual power is only a level four; I’m afraid if any accident might befall upon her…"

"Though her kungfu isn’t very good, her dexterity is high and can always win over the ones with brute strength. She will definitely be fine this time." The young woman in green comforted.

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