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So Celestial Master Zuo must be liking this act!

Probably appropriate disobedience would achieve unexpected results.

Di Fuyi smiled. He was wearing a mask but his smile which he only slightly curved was already very attractive, "Very good!"

With a wave of his sleeve and a scream of Yun Qingluo, she was cascading down the ship like a falling star.

Accompanying her fall was the words of Di Fuyi, "My responsibilities are only to verify the heaven's gift disciple and execute heaven's punishment should he fail to fulfill the request in 20 years. I’ll look for you myself if you are unable to meet expectations within the required time frame!"

The Lord’s four messengers, Mu Feng, Mu Yun, Mu Lei and Mu Dian were shaking their heads secretly. How dare she threaten the Lord with her ident.i.ty as a heaven's gift disciple? Did she simply not want to live anymore!?

"The Lord, Miss Yun wouldn’t fall to death, right?" Mu Lei looked downwards with sympathy as they were, after all, more than a thousand meters high in the sky and an ordinary man would definitely be smashed to meat patty upon reaching the ground.

Because there were no outsiders on the ship, the four messengers no longer called their master 'Celestial Master Zuo' but addressed him with his real ident.i.ty instead.

Celestial Master Zuo, Di Fuyi was also known as the Lord, Huang Tu.

Di Fuyi was an ident.i.ty that the Lord usually used in his worldly travels.

Their Lord was the Lord with numerous ident.i.ties but he mostly referred to himself as Celestial Master Zuo.

His messengers also changed their name according to the Lord’s ident.i.ty.

While they were with Celestial Master Zuo, there were the four guardians and they were addressed by their real names, Mu Feng, Mu Yun, Mu Lei and Mu Dian.

Meanwhile, if they were by the Lord and carried out his orders, the outsiders thought that they were Cheng, Shang, Jiang, Fa which represented the punisher of the wicked, the reward-bearer for the good, the messenger who encourages doing good and messenger who discourages sin.

n.o.body knew that the four messengers of the Lord were actually the four guardians of Celestial Master Zuo.

Yun Qingluo had disappeared completely and the four messengers were looking down.

Mu Feng shook his head, "It’s swamp below and if she dies so easily, how can she become the heaven's gift disciple? No worries."

Mu Lei heaved a sigh of relief, "That’s great."

Mu Feng teased, "Mu Lei, are you falling in love with her? You seem pretty concerned about her."

"Nonsense! I just think that it’s uneasy for the Lord to verify a heaven's gift disciple and thus the effort of the Lord would be wasted if she were to die just like that! But this lady was indeed very bold as she dared to threaten the Lord. Fortunately, she’s a heaven's gift disciple, lest she would lose her life!"

"Why do I feel that she was trying to imitate Ms=. Gu?" Mu Yun was rather straightforward and he hit the nail on the head.

Therefore, their four pairs of eyes were looking at the Lord.

Meanwhile, the Lord stretched his legs and said, "Imitating another only to emphasize one's own weakness!"

The four messengers thus stopped talking and agreed within themselves.

"The Lord, Miss Gu has only a level four spiritual power and she can barely go through the first peak. Therefore, it’s very dangerous for her to be at the third peak, would you like us to send someone to help her during an emergency?"

As Mu Feng was cautious, he inquired.

"You don’t have to." Di Fuyi slightly closed his eyes, "With her kungfu and knowledge, it should not be a problem for her. Since it’s a punishment, we can’t have favoritism."

"Yes, Lord, you are indeed wise!"

"How’s Long Siye currently?"

"Based on your order, he has fulfilled his punishment period and I have already sent him back to Tianwen clan two days ago."

"How’s he?"

"I think he would need at least a year to fully recover." Mu Feng reported.

Di Fuyi kept silent for a moment before he said, "Is he injured that badly?"

Mu Feng, "…"

The Tianwen clan’s overlord was first being grilled in the fire and then frozen in the world of snow. After being agonized, he was lucky not to die, but was it not normal for him to be badly injured?

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