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The talisman was strange; both of their bodies disappeared when it made contact with their body. However, their heads and backbones were still linked together and slowly healed. Even the muscles and flesh were growing rapidly...

Half an hour later, both of their necks did not seem to look like they have have been chopped before. It was perfectly good as new.

"Alright! It’s time to wake up!" The person dressed in black tapped onto both their bodies at the same time. They trembled and their eyes opened...


Perhaps, Gu Xijiu had drunk too much. She could not sleep after returning to his courtyard.

She did not bring anyone or anything out after breaking the bond with Gu Xietian. Unexpectedly, all her personal servants had come to find her. They have cleaned the house just like when she was staying in the General’s residence.

Similarly, the servants had prepared warm water for Gu Xijiu so that they could help to wash her up when she had returned from drinking.

Gu Xijiu recalled that she was going to the Dark Forest tomorrow and doubted the possibility of her survival. She then divided all the notes she had into eight portions for each of the servants. She told them to leave with the money if she fails to return after half a month...

Gu Xijiu had earned quite a lot of money recently, and that money was more than enough for them to use for the rest of their life.

However, all of them refused to accept but knelt down to show their sincerity and decision of waiting for her return. They decided to commit suicide together if Gu Xijiu fails to return.

Gu Xijiu head started throbbing and felt a few tons of burden placed on her shoulder.

She just wanted to live for herself, however, she was someone who would sacrifice for the good and also someone who would seek revenge. She took kindness very seriously and would return twice the favor as a return...

As she listened to their words, she was helpless yet touched by their sincerity. Luckily, she planned a way to escape from the Dark Forest, but now, she needed to give her very best to escape!

He only gave her eight days and that was the one and only opportunity for her. She definitely did not want to waste it.

She waved to dismiss the servants and headed off to bed. Initially, she wanted to sleep in order to be prepared for tomorrow’s challenge.

She did not manage to fall asleep but kept tossing and turning in bed. She seemed to be bothered by many things but once in a while, she idled.

She felt a sudden pain in her chest and recalled her injuries. She then got up, sat on the bed to check on herself and suddenly frowned!

She did not feel the pain when she got attacked by Gu Xietian and Dao Qingyang a few days ago. It was only now that she realized she had been injured badly. However, the internal injuries were a bit strange as she could not feel it earlier. It had now become more serious than ever...

The injuries had worsened and she felt a severe pain below her ribs.


Apparently, it was caused by Dao Qingyang. Gu Xijiu was a doctor, so she could definitely identify the injuries.

She had treated herself with the best medicine and did not expect her condition to worsen.

Did that mean she had to use Dao Qingyang’s secret recipe?

No wonder Dao Qingyang had left so easily - he knew the consequence that would befall!

He wanted her to beg him for the solution so he could propose a request as a trade...

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