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Of course, as he was going to get out of jail, the first one that he was going to take revenge on was none other than Gu Xijiu!

When he was thinking of Gu Xijiu, apart from br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anger, he realized that his p.e.n.i.s was hard...

He could not believe that he still liked that little girl.

He decided to find a way to get her and dump her to satisfy his ego!

Unless she kneels down to beg for forgiveness, he would not consider marrying her as a mistress!

It was fine that he wanted her, but since he had the intention to torture her, he would definitely make it happen. He was a prince, so there were many people who willingly worked under his supervision. It was easy for him to get her...

Even though he could not attain her sincerity, getting her body would suffice.

Unfortunately for girls, they had to marry whoever they gave their virginity to...

He fell asleep with sweet dreams but was awaked by the prison's chief at around two in the morning. Someone had delivered a tableful of scrumptious dishes for him as a farewell.

He thought he was going to be released. He looked at those dishes and rejected arrogantly.

He could eat anything he wanted when he was out of jail! So why those dishes? Those were for prisoners!

The chief warden of the prison had suffered a lot from his torture in the last few days, hence, he did not want to force him but asked, "Are you sure you don’t want to eat?"

"No way!"

"Alright." The chief told his subordinates to keep all the food and asked the imperial officer who delivered the decree...

Rong Yan was shocked after hearing the decree!

He could not take it and suspected it was false!

However, he grabbed it for a closer look! Unfortunately, he realized the decree was real and that his father wanted to kill him!

He slumped to the ground. The imperial officer told him part of the truth.

Someone had leaked out the news and Miss Gu has made a fierce complaint to the Emperor.

Coupled with the support from Celestial Master Zuo, the Emperor could only helplessly execute the case fairly...

As he knew the truth, Rong Yan really hated Gu Xijiu!

However, there was no way out for him anymore.

The imperial officer sighed and ordered the servants to put on a prisoner’s uniform for Rong Yan.

Perhaps, due to the fact that he was a prince, his uniform was different from those of the other prisoners.

It was made of silk with very light patterns and was comfortable to wear, however, it was difficult to be noticed if one did not pay enough attention to it.

Unfortunately, Rong Yan could not care about that anymore.

Before the twilight, he had been brought to the execution ground. He had finally met Gu Tianqing again after six months...

Apparently, Gu Tianqin had suffered a lot since the breakout, she had become very skinny, but her eyes were full of hatred!

Both of them were kneeling on the ground together, Gu Tianqing slowly spoke, "We’ve lost our child…"

Rong Yan did not bother about her. As he was going to die soon, how would he have the interest to care for an unborn baby?

"I’ll take my revenge! I’ll seek revenge even I were to be a ghost!" Gu Tianqing’s eyes were full of blood, "I’ll never let her go!" Her voice had made Rong Yan tremble with fear.

"I wouldn’t let her go even if I were to be reborn!" Rong Yan cursed with extreme hatred!

Usually, there were only two slots of time in a day for execution according to the laws of Feixing Kingdom.

One was at noon when the magnetic field was filled with a positive aura...

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