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The bracelet was not an ordinary bracelet but the one and only in the world. Most of the ministers in the hall could recognize this bracelet.

This was the bracelet that was pa.s.sed on to the Crown Princess or the Queen who represented the future Mother of the Kingdom since the ancient dynasty. It was made by a special jade and it was even more precious than the He Shi Bi[1] and it could not be imitated by any other jade.

Since the bracelet was now in Gu Xijiu’s hand, it meant that what they said was real. She had really made a pledge to marry the Crown Prince!

Although it was disgraceful to make a private pledge to get married to someone, as long as both man and woman were unmarried, they would not be condemned.

If they could get the consent from both parents it would be an even a better story with a happy ending.

Therefore, if the children had made private pledge to marry someone, as long as the partner was not stupid or dimwitted, the parents should agree on the marriage as it related to the reputation of their children.

For example, now the Emperor was stunned and Gu Xietian was even more shocked!

If he was against it, it was extremely detrimental to Gu Xijiu’s reputation!

Therefore he made up his mind and finally changed his stand. He kneeled down in front of Emperor Xuan, "Your Majesty, please fulfill their wish!"

Rong Chu’s face was pale. All the advocates of Fourth Prince were stunned too and did not know what to say at this moment.

Emperor Xuan remained silent.

He looked Gu Xijiu and Rong Jialuo. He had a deep thought for a moment. This result was out of his expectations…

After a moment he asked Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, do you really like Jialuo?"

Gu Xijiu answered, "Yes, I like him. If I can be engaged to the Crown Prince, I will be more confident and work my hardest to survive from the Dark Forest so that I won’t disappoint him…"

Although Rong Jialuo knew that she was acting, he looked at her with his eyes lit up.

He quickly kneeled down, "My Emperor Father, please give us your blessings!"

Since the story had now come to this point, Emperor Xuan had nothing else to say. He sighed, "So…"

Before he could continue this sentence, there was a lazy voice, "Alright. The story has to end now."

The voice came from Di Fuyi. When he started to talk, it was akin to the spring breeze that blew through the hall and warmed everyone one.

Emperor Xuan remained silent.

Gu Xijiu’s heart suddenly pumped harder. Before she could respond, her hand became empty and the bracelet had disappeared into thin air!

She was shocked and quickly turned to look at Di Fuyi.

The priceless bracelet was now on the fingertip of Di Fuyi as if it was going to fall down anytime!

"You…" Gu Xijiu wanted to catch it subconsciously.

Her action was fast but Di Fuyi was even faster. Despite acting at lightning speed, she failed to grab it from his hand but only managed to touch the corner of his sleeve.

The crowd remained silent too.

Emperor Xuan was also stunned, "Celestial Master Zuo, what do you mean? What is the story…?"

"Miss Gu still has other marriage arrangements so the private pledge between her and the Crown Prince is not valid."

Di Fuyi flicked his fingertip and the bracelet bounced out to Rong Jialuo. Rong Jialuo was shocked and immediately accepted it.

What Di Fuyi said had shocked everyone.

Other marriage? What other marriage was that?

Emperor Xuan barely laughed, "Celestial Master Zuo, do you mean the marriage arrangement between Xijiu and Rong Yan? You might not be aware that Rong Yan has done something shameful, thus, he cannot be matched with Xijiu anymore. Therefore, I have canceled the marriage arrangement between her and Rong Yan. Now, Xijiu is free marry anyone…"

"I am not referring to the marriage arrangement between her and Rong Yan." Di Fuyi’s voice remained steadfast and elegant.

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