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Chapter 358: Admiring One and Fancying Another

"So that's why he’s admiring one and fancying another!" The Firmament Stone chimed in.

"You’re pretty clever now, aren't you?" Gu Xijiu complimented.

"So, he’s with Yun Qingluo to deceive the people? To hide his true s.e.xual orientation?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Then, that's really not nice of him! He’s just troubling another girl!"

Gu Xijiu said, "Similar cases are seen frequently during my era too. Many gays would marry and have kids to hide their true s.e.xual orientation. Their wives were known as straight, and would end up very miserable."

When the Firmament Stone looked at Yun Qingluo again, its tone of voice changed, "What a pity for Yun Qingluo, who is going to become a straight wife soon. Oh yes, how can a straight wife be miserable?"

"This…is quite unsuitable for children…"

"I’m not a kid! I’m much older than you are! Tell me."

"As gays fancy and admire only men, they married their wives mainly to hide their true ident.i.ty or only to bear kids. Therefore, they barely communicate with their wives, causing them to live like widows. Some are still virgins despite being married to those gays for a few years… The most miserable part of all is that these wives were not aware that their husbands were gay, hence, married them filled with hope, until they are left emotionally abused. Yet because of their dignity or for the sake of their kids, they couldn’t bring themselves to file a divorce or remarry again after the divorce. Their lives are basically an epitome of true suffering…"

"Those gays who married their wives are indeed very nasty!" The Firmament Stone felt indignant at such injustice.

"They’re indeed very mean. They destroyed a woman's whole life just because of their selfishness."

"Celestial Master Zuo, Celestial Master Zuo…" The voice of the emperor immediately brought back the preoccupied Di Fuyi.


"Would you like to have a table for yourself or two?" The emperor asked again.

Usually, when Celestial Master Zuo came, he would have a table for himself but he now that he came with Yun Qingluo, he probably wanted to sit with her.

The emperor felt that it would be safer to ask in advance. And when he was asking just now, Yun Qingluo replied, "I’ll listen to Celestial Master Zuo."

Therefore, the emperor was waiting for an answer from Di Fuyi, yet he seemed to be preoccupied with something on his mind…

Di Fuyi seemed to be absent-minded and hastily replied, "A table for two then."

Yun Qingluo's eyes were slightly brightened!

The ladies looked towards Yun Qingluo admiringly.

After all, Celestial Master Zuo was special individual and had never sat with anyone. He was unexpectedly, making an exception today…

The general public living in the capital city had been spreading hearsay in secret that both Celestial Master Zuo and Yun Qingluo were acting ambiguously and it seemed to have been proven now, that Celestial Master Zuo was indeed being different towards Yun Qingluo!

Miss Yun Qingluo was truly very fortunate to be appreciated by Celestial Master Zuo…

The emperor, however, slightly frowned, wondering if the hearsay was true?!

If it was his son who married Yun Qingluo, it would be perfect as another genius would be added to Feixing Kingdom.

On the other hand, if Celestial Master Zuo was interested in Yun Qingluo and they did get married, probably Celestial Master Zuo would be biased towards Haoyue Kingdom. That unfortunately, would not be a blessing to Feixing Kingdom.

Nonetheless, even an emperor dared not turn down the order of Celestial Master Zuo. He could only order that a table was set on his left side for both Celestial Master Zuo and Yun Qingluo, and then invited both of them to take their seats.

Di Fuyi lifted his robe and sat down before Yun Qingluo leisurely walked towards the seat beside him.

"Where are you going to sit?" Di Fuyi suddenly asked.

Yun Qingluo was shocked as she was not expecting him to ask, "Err…"

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