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Chapter 341: Everything Went Wrong Just After A Minor Mistakes
She used her Qing Gong to disappear and left without returning.
Gu Xietian was stunned! He could not accept what had just happened.
Rong Jialuo flashed a glance at Gu Xietian, "General Gu, I’ve got something to tell you. While investigating the case, it was found that Gu Tiannuo didn’t intentionally run into the Dark Forest but was lured by someone who was trying to kill him…"
Gu Xietian was more shocked and asked in surprise, "Who was that!?"
"You should know who." Rong Jialuo laughed and then flew away.
A strong wind blew until Gu Xietian’s hair danced messily in the air. He stared at Leng Xiangyu’s corpse and felt like cutting her into pieces!
He recalled Leng Xiangyu taking the initiative to make him a cup of tea, and after he drank it… That was the reason he had to marry her helplessly later.
He did not expect that everything could go wrong after a minor mistake! He leaned on the wall and looked up to the sky, "Xing, is this karma? If I didn’t break my promise…"

Inside a vintage restaurant, Gu Xijiu was looking at the crystal bottle on the table. There were 30 pieces of red crystal pills in the jar.
Fourth-grade Asura pills.

"Your Highness, this is?" Gu Xijiu raised her head and looked at Rong Jialuo who was making tea in the opposite direction.
The crown prince of the Feixing Kingdom was an expert in tea ceremonies. Every motion of his preparation was very charming.

Gu Xijiu insisted on breaking the bond between her and Gu Xietian; she decided to move out from the General’s residence.
She did not bring a single penny from the General's residence when she left. She decided to find a hotel to stay for a few days as she was going to the Dark Forest in three days time. It did not make sense for her to rent a house since she would probably change her ident.i.ty after she escapes from the Dark Forest.

However, she did not expect the crown prince could find her in such a short period of time.
Rong Jialuo asked her what her plan for the future was. Of course, she could not tell him the truth but only told him she needed to find a hotel and would leave the rest to fate if she comes out from the Dark Forest. Rong Jialuo frowned and brought her somewhere.

He told her that it would indirectly affect her ident.i.ty if she stayed in a hotel as she was the disciple of The Lord. Besides that, it was not safe to stay in a hotel. It was better to rent a house.

The crown prince seemed to be somewhat free and familiar with real estate. Very soon, they have found a suitable house. The house was quite lovely, and the ambiance was peaceful. There were three entrances and three exits with many beautiful types of furniture. Everything was well prepared, and she could move in at any time she wanted.
Rumor said that it was a private mansion owned by a count, he had been promoted and rewarded another more prominent residence. Thus, the whole family has moved to the new estate and decided to put the private mansion for rent.

It was already noon after they settled all the rent procedures. Rong Jialuo suggested to have tea and told her frankly that he was expecting Gu Xijiu to pay. Of course, Gu Xijiu could not reject, and hence they were here.

The restaurant was located in a quiet place. The layout was cla.s.sic, and the plants and pavilions were specially designed. Apparently, it was a place where all the rich people and royal family would come.
Right after they sat down, Rong Jialuo took out the crystal bottle and pushed it towards Gu Xijiu while he was waiting for the water to boil before he made the tea.
There were Asura pills in the crystal bottle.
As the crown prince heard her question, he answered, "These are Asura pills, it could protect you from poisonous gases. Bring this along to the Dark Forest, and consume one every day."
Gu Xijiu finally noticed that Prince Long worked under Rong Jialuo’s supervision.

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