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After she came in, she knew that the guards in this place could not arbitrarily walk around. Each of them had their specific duties and sites to cover. Thus, Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi's fake ident.i.ties could not be used anymore. Hence, they returned to their original appearance and went into stealth mode.

At this moment, the two doors of the weird building were closed. They could not see anything in it. There were a total of ten guards, all of which had level nine or more of spiritual powers. These guards were extremely cautious just looking at their postures.

They were standing in a strategic formation. With this array, if the front was being attacked, the back could counter-attack; while if the end was being attacked, the front could counter-attack. Thus it was almost impossible to attack them quietly.

Gu Xijiu paused to think for a moment. Subconsciously, she wanted to use her teleportation technique to enter the place. She was stopped by Di Fuyi. "No! There is a wizardry barrier that prevents people from teleporting in!"

Gu Xijiu took back her hand. She decided to try to create a diversion. She teleported to a building not far from here and started a fire. What she did not expect was that water was sprayed on top of the flame just as it was ignited. This place was quite advanced!

When she was about to find another place to start a fire, Di Fuyi appeared silently behind her. His finger flicked, and there was a flame that burned a building next to them. The water continued to spray above the fire, but this time it failed to set the light off.

Gu Xijiu looked at him in surprise. Di Fuyi only said two words, "Spiritual Fire."

The fire naturally alerted the guards who were wandering around. They ran over to this place.

By taking advantage of the chaos, Gu Xijiu moved back to the heart-like building and found that the ten masters were still there. They had no intention to fight the fire. Instead, they stayed even closer to the building and were more alert!

It seemed that the people behind the scene had instructed them not to leave the place regardless of the situation.

Di Fuyi continued to set fire at seven to eight other places. Screams could be heard from all angles. Although the ten masters were horrified and panicked, they still did not move.

It seemed that even if all the other places were burnt, the ten people would not move away from their siteHowever, this also indicated that the people behind the scene were hidden in this heart-shaped building. He might have already begun to torture Lan Waihu at this time.

Gu Xijiu was anxious. At this time, Di Fuyi had come back to her. He looked at her and then looked at the ten people. He then calmly said, "There is no other way. Let's break into it!"

When he was about to make a move, Gu Xijiu said, "We should split."

Di Fuyi looked at her with his eyebrow raised. Gu Xijiu continued to explain, "Once we start to break in, we will attract the attention of the people inside. I am afraid that he might be acting unfavorably to Little Fox. Besides this, it might take at least ten minutes to settle these ten masters. By the time we break into the building, the people inside might have escaped. Why don't you attract their attention first, and I will take the opportunity to teleport to the entrance. I will use the cold smashing technique to break through the wizardry barrier that prevents teleportation from stopping the people inside first. After you settle these ten masters, you go in…"

The method that was proposed by Gu Xijiu was the best way for now. However, Di Fuyi was a bit hesitatant.

It was not difficult for him to settle these ten people. It was just a matter of how time he would take. However, if she broke in alone, she would need to face the culprits alone.

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